17 Months of Travel, indeed

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Today is 17 months on the road. Find myself in a treehouse on the East coast of Tanzania. The Indian ocean is about 500m away and slept under a mosquito net under a tarp built from an ok’d hot air balloon that used to be used for safari.

Ditched tent yesterday and it poured all night, first time since arriving, coincidence!? This is a place I never knew existed, let alone imagined visiting. Been here 2wks and in Africa over 2 months.

Concluded a trip to Tanga is key, get the gsm modem working for desktop fun or get a move on perhaps, blogging is not the same on a phone, slow, tedious, typos.

Really us beautiful around here, most of the people living here probably lived very similarly for quite some time. The roads are worst I’ve seen in some of the more rural areas. The vehicles are classic with much character, in fact most have no starter motor.

Realized how most of the west seriously over eats, to our own detriment, naturally. Seriously not much to do here in the rain, snorkeling perhaps, bay may be calm.

Checked weather last night, Tanga which is closest city was 50 degrees warmer tha Ottawa, wow. Don’t miss that crap at all and 9 / 10 honest Canadians will agree, it sucks, especially if you are not ms for a winter sport.

In closing, if exploring is something you really want, wait until you can REALLY go. A few months go by as fast as eating breakfast in a typical day. Had no clue how long trip would last, must say it’s just starting to take on a life of itself, next year should be interesting.

Typing on phone feels like talking monotone.

Tips hat,

Author: iyashinoshigoto

8 thoughts on “17 Months of Travel, indeed

  1. Thanks for typing that out on your phone. I can’t believe they have cell coverage, but don’t have electric starters for their vehicles. We’ve had some weird weather up here in Canada, hit 4 deg C, crazy warm for February on the prairies.

    This constant freeze though has meant terrible winter driving. I can’t hardly wait to save up enough to get out on the road.

  2. Heard about sone crazy temp swings, as you mention, it makes horrible driving conditions.

    If you like adventure, one way world trips are hard to beat.

    Cook to hear from fellow Canuck, been to Saskatoon and the Peg in winter, COLD

  3. @Mike LOL – i was thinking: what starts the starter motor?

    +11C in Ottawa today – WOOT! No, there’s no global warming going on here…

  4. I’m one of the 9/10 canadian that thinks that this weather really sucks. Thanks for still thinking about us even in a warmer part of the world! Glad you’re in a comfortable place! Soon I’ll be too so I focus on that:)

  5. Interesting blog today. Thank you for that. Do you have any idea how long you will be travelling? Although I love travelling, I would miss family and friends back home. I would also miss having a daily routine. Obviously this is not your case. Stay safe and keep on enjoying yourself and entertaining us with your updates.

    1. Hi Lorraine,

      Plan is to get to another bracket in monthly income and then live in 4 places for 3 months a year. Obvs Ottawa for June, July, august 🙂

      Miss a bit but following dreams have sacrifices. Parents understand as they kinda did same thing.

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