Walking Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Greetings, The point of this update is to remind you that if you come to Amsterdam, don’t be one of those 1 day walking visit to Anne Frank and Vincent Van Gogh Museum, take a canal ride and leave type. I’ve been here 2 weeks so far and I’m still...

Vondelpark and Living in Amsterdam

Greetings and good day to you, Would you believe someone who writes this blog will have been in Amsterdam 2 weeks tomorrow, huh!? It feels like one continuous day, one you don’t want to end and until you leave, most likely won’t. We will discuss random...

Eurorail Global Pass – Worth it?

Greetings, This will be brief as Amsterdam is calling me. It will also be as about as inspired as any final year end project I’ve ever submitted. That means minimal research and NO spell checking. You can get an unlimited Eurorail pass for ~1400+ EURO. A single...