Lagos Portugal in the Algarve is a Party

Good day, Where does one begin to describe a week of pure hedonism in one of the most beautiful places on this planet? I’d of updated but seriously, you, the web lot, don’t deserve and your imagination will probably be about 1/3 as good so it will give you...

Living Life in Lagos, Portugal

Greetings, I’m feeling “full of life” in Lagos, Portugal. Ever heard the old trite saying “less is more”? Tips hat, P.S: Updates will resume when I’m done my “summer vacation”.

Train from Porto to Lisbon, Portugal

Greetings, Last night was interesting, Porto was cool but when you can get on a train at anytime for a few euro or nothing, why not? Took a train from Porto to Lisbon aka Lisboa, Portugal for 4E. I’m really like this Eurail pass, a fist class ticket for 4E,...

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