$4 Haircut & Shave & $9 Burrito!?

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Yours truly finally got a haircut, one can’t wander the streets in slippers with hippy hair, that is simply unacceptable.  Almost backed out until I saw this old dude who had not had a haircut and most likely a shower since 1970, it was a sign. Suffice to say the place in front wanted 350 baht for a haircut.

I found a gem of a place that does haircuts for 100baht. She did an alright job and for an extra 40 baht, she even shaved me and threw in a free nose hair cutting for free. (Not that I was aware I needed one). It’s quite ridiculous to be frank. Even in Canada, I’d just see a barber / dresser, walk in and just roll the dice.

After the haircut was on my way to have dinner with a friend when I ran into the little dog. I don’t care much for dogs after the whole rabies incident but this little dog deserved some coverage, am I wrong? If you like him, you’ll love “little dog” from Nha Trang.

It’s crazy that you can get that treatment I mentioned above from a store with Christian Bale on the front door for $4.xxUS and then a burrito, mango shake and coke will cost you $9us, not sure on the logic there. I can’t stress enough how easy Asia is on the pocket book and dare I say, even felt like a spend-thrift spending $9 on dinner… That said the conversation was hilarious and most certainly not suitable for the web; as always with this lady.

It’s rainy season here so everyday it rains for at least a few hours. Starting to begin to think that living in these countries during rainy season is preferable, after it rains it kills the humidity. The only time rainy season is a horrible thing is if you are here for 1 week and want to lay by the beach, you may have some problems.

Started the 7/11 experiment today. Decided to put this experiment on hold because for 20-30 baht, you can get way cooler street food. In case you’re dying to know, here is the menu. The “grilled cheese variety” are way better than the burgers, if you ask this gent.

On the topic of food, tomorrow is “Eating Rats in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam”. Shows us shopping for the rats in the market, them gutting / preparing it and then eating it’s insides. Ran into an old school hippy when we got back and totally forgot about filming the cooking part, whoops.

Side note, went back to old guest house to visit the JetSetZero crew.  Ran into this guy who is a WOW tourist, yes that is right a “World of Warcraft” tourist. He says Thailand is a good cheap place to play WOW without the stigma of living in your parents basement, WOW! Looks like a pretty sick guild below…

Tips hat,

P.S: Office Space was playing tonight on TV, never seen it? Watch it sometime soon…

P.P.S: Be sure to check out the 1st class Eurail global pass give away…

Search Du Jour?!: “Buses to Batu Caves” – Result.

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