Good day,

I’m starting to get bored on the islands, not that I don’t love them just things get boring after a while, yes? Variety is the spice of life and if you love a certain dish, you’d get bored of it after a week or so, doesn’t mean you no longer love the stuff, just a little change is often appreciated, that’s all.

As a rule of thumb, spending more than 3 months anywhere a year is boring if you live no strings style.

The photo above is of the port in “Big Corn Island” as it’s known here but on google maps it’s still just “Corn Island” and where I live on Little Corn Island has no real official title at all and is basically just a small rock 15km away, hooray.

Quick history lesson for you, people have lived on Big Corn for a long time, Little Corn until recently was just used by people to grow agriculture and whatnot. Until a few years ago, there was no commercial panga so lots of the land here is still owned by those on Big Corn Island. The big island has power 24/7, great cell signal and things are cheaper for those living on margin.

It’s Friday, have yourself a wonderful weekend and as much as I love it here, thrilled to be going on a large Canadian adventure this summer. I’m currently making waves around here to solidify a spot in the future for when recklessly traveling the world and telling stories about it becomes old hat and the next level of a “complete as possible life” is attained.

Tips hat,

P.S: A few quintessentially iyashinoshigotoesque maneuvers are in the works & have a great weekend.

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