Good day,

Ever wondered what it’s like taking the train in Canada? Videos definitely paint a more precise picture so decided to bring you along for the train Ottawa to Quebec City with a brief layover in Montreal. The train is good times in Canada especially for trips that are less than a few hours because you get to see the countryside and don’t have to deal with all the issues associated with air travel, mainly the wait before the flight and of course, security. They also have wifi which is a serious bonus for us digital types.

Turns out it was quite the eventful trip and met a few interesting people along the way.

I got in last night, check out yesterday’s blog about “A Night out in Quebec City at Savini Restaurant“.

I’d go on but I’m off to explore Quebec City, have you ever been? Any suggestions on things to do?

Un gros merci a for making this all happen.

Tips hat,

P.S: Looks like I scratched my lens, better fix that.

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