Helicopter Ride Over Bali, Indonesia – VLOG

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Not long ago I had the opportunity of taking a helicopter trip with around the island of Bali, Indonesia. We left from the roof of in Legian and made our way to . The ride took about 20 minutes and gave all of us along for the ride a new perspective of the island to say the least.

Once we arrived at Semara we had some cocktails and hung out a bit before a nice buffet lunch. After that we toured a bit of their facilities and I included that two as well they are on a stunning spot. This was my second time on Bali and it makes me wonder why I ever left, it truly has everything and it is oh so affordable.

I wrote about the entire helicopter trip about a week ago so if you’d like more details, click here.

Big thanks to Air Bali, The Fashion Festival, Semara Resort & The Stones Hotel for their hospitality!

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  1. Woweeweewow, sounds awesome. Can’t wait to visit East Asia one day.
    What’s in store for October Lloydster? Europe by chance? I’m visiting my bro in Amsterdam and would love the chance to meet up.

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