Greetings from South Beach, Miami.

Normally I’d write a post like this while still deep in the action but it was a wild week. For the first time in years I really and truly went on vacation and assumed the role of a lucky gent who happened to be living in an ocean-view luxury apartment on the Gold Coast. I was in “Room 753” which wasn’t the actual room in tower 1 of which is a 5 star apartment / hotel establishment near the sea.


From the moment I checked in, I felt like I was at home. This week went by blazing fast and as I sit here with fierce jetlag at 6:21am I’m almost left pondering, was it all a dream? The video tour gives you an idea of what the apartment was like but it was much more than just that; I really loved the area spending many a night out in Surfers Paradise close by up the coast and hanging in Broadbeach itself.


I got up to lots and it was a jam packed week where I went kitesurfing, surfing, played some golf, had a movie night, my first Australian Barbie, visited Burleigh Brewery, had drinks in Surfers Paradise and hit up the Bavarian Bier Cafe at the base of Peppers Hotel a few times. Believe it or not, also linked up with one of my good friends from a crazy Euro Tour in 2010?!


Typically, I’m a fan of remote beaches or busy cities where you don’t even have a second to hear yourself think. This place was a nice combination of the sorts with a beautiful beach and enough going on so that you wouldn’t get bored when ready to get out there. I also realized that I’m an apartment man. If your head is in the clouds most of the time, why not live close to them with few things to worry about such as cutting the grass or raking the leaves? Better things to do with ones time I believe.


Soon I’m going to write a wrap-up of my two weeks in Queensland, Australia. South Beach is pretty cool so far but I do find myself wishing I was back in Room 753, enjoying the view of the ocean with a cold beer in my hand while chatting with mates as carefully selected ingredients cook on the stove. I have no clue what the future holds but I do hope it brings me back to this special spot again at some point; one of the most memorable weeks I’ve had in a long time…


Huge thanks to Craig and the rest of the staff at for their next-level hospitality. Also, huge thanks to for putting together this crazy #Room753 concept and including me in it!

Now it’s time to make a decision; get some breakfast, go for a swim or go to sleep?!

Tips hat,

P.S: Video tour of the penthouse in tower 2 coming soon…

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