This video is from a long and crazy day that started in Amman, Jordan and took me to Athens, Greece.  Basically, I had just finished a great trip in Jordan and was off to Athens to attend TBEX which is the “Travel Blogger Exchange”; it sounds incredibly geeky because well, it sorta is. That said, it’s also an amazing time and even if you don’t really blog, the value / inspiration you get from the ticket is well worth it. The Athens was happening a day before the conference started so I figured I’d attend.

So we arrive and I find my apartment which I’m splitting with a few other bloggers before doing what most sane people do, look for a dentist. It’s a long story but if you’ve been reading this blog a while you know I’m a fan of getting my teeth cleaned in foreign spots. After that myself and my friends made our way to the Travel Massive which isn’t part of TBEX but might as well have been as most of the usual suspects would be there.

I’m a big fan of networking with others who write travel blogs. This whole game is a bit of a solitary lifestyle as you’re moving around at your own pace and usually working alone. To be able to connect with like-minded individuals who are all also quite out there and daring is a really refreshing experience. As I said earlier, if you’re even interested in getting into travel blogging, come to one of these conferences as the social events will more than pay the price of a ticket and you’ll definitely learn something…

It’s late here in Tirana, Albania so time to wrap this up.

Tips hat,

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