Spent Xmas at guest house in Pemuteran, Bali. It was a guest house that helped fund programs for the local children and orphans. It was a different Christmas. I spent it playing soccer with these guys and other kids. Nice kids, happy kids.

It’s interesting to see kids having so much fun with 1 soccer ball that has barely any air in it and is made of a cheap plastic. Other side of the world there are kids complaining about not getting the latest video system despite already having a perfectly good one and being able to go to a friends to play it if they want…

We’re way too materialistic for our own good.

I will add that if you get a ball stuck in a tree in the tropics, do not just shake it like back home… You never know what or who is living in it. I did that and an army of red aunts were all over me. I think it made those kid’s day.


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