Greetings from a land mass called Koh Chang,

Being back in the Thai islands is a treat. For some reason blogging about Thailand has become old hat if you will, boring. Been in Thailand ~4.5 months of the last 14, starting to feel like a second home. I’m also shockingly “okay” with being an illiterate adult. Having no cell phone and not being able to read street signs can be pleasant.

One could write about which island in Thailand is best or something of that nature, why bother. The reality is all the Thai islands are nice and have a very different feel than even the rest of the country. It also attracts such a wide variety of people that you never know who you’ll be having dinner with, let alone where they are from.

The beaches are pristine with what appeared to be a two toned turquoise. Some even more turquoise than turquoise itself, unreal. All this in a tiny bamboo bungalow for $5 a day, $3.33 if you hit this place before it got sold out. Supposedly only place left in that price range and you don’t have to worry about being loud at night, other residents of a “ghetto” should expect some noise at night, there is a reason why old people don’t retire in the ghetto.

I digress.

There is a plethora of dining options and the island is really developing, lots of construction going on from the looks of things. For some reason I’ve developed an unhealthy addiction with squid. Squid for breakfast, squid for lunch, brush your teeth with a squid, that type of thing. To say I’ve “seen Koh Chang” would be a lie, the place is big and I showed up at one beach and just loafed around, quite content with the decision.

Considering it’s the closest island to Bangkok, would be easy to come back. This got me thinking about lifestyle though which was delivered to me via a vivid and delicious dream. It involved a generous pork chop, sizable squid, a big hard wood desk, the world’s most comfortable chair, a small carry bag to hold 5 clubs in the corner and a bacon cheese burger, the blue cheese edition. It was hot but not humid and about mid day if I remember correctly from the angle of the sun, perhaps it was 1:15?

Traveling to places like this makes one wonder if traveling is worth it. Once you’ve found some places that could best be described as paradise, what’s the point in looking for more? The internet here is beyond acceptable, the atmosphere laid back, natural beauty abound and a nice meal for the price of a coffee, or less. Let us not forget the people who regardless of personality are similar to you in the regard you both paid money and took time to be in that same place, I’d say that’s something in common right there.

Sadly, all things must come to an end. Despite the fact I am flying to Colombo which reminds me of “COLUMBO”, still feels weird like the trip is over. This is why I dread booking ahead of time. Most certainly looking forward to Sri Lanka but now I’m the guy who has to get up at some ungodly hour like 10am and sit on a bus for a few hours then leave.

Seriously, this is one of those few places that I’ve just looked around a few times and thought “you can be anywhere in the world but I wouldn’t trade it for where I am right now”. That is obviously not the exact thought process as it was much more visual and less awkward then the description just given.

There are many other higher end establishments as well if you’d like some more creature comforts. Considering this is the most basic place I’ve stayed at, should be interesting in Sri Lanka as I’m meeting a friend from NYC. Staying at a nicer or niceish or sorta nice place compared to my usual style of cheap, close and clean.

I saw a toad eat a centipede last night. I also took 3 trips to the massage parlor, not sure how they will be in Sri Lanka, might as well stock up here. (I am aware one cannot travel with massages).  When I said my feet were butchered, I was serious. The massage lady was taking out chunks of sand and long splinters from the soles of my feet. Just butchered them fishing. Hey, where did these last 5 days go?

Some gent is driving down the street selling clothes from the back of his truck. I find most disturbing the over regulation back home. They regulate you to death, regulation is a super highway to boring. If Tom wants to sell used clothes on consignment from the back of his truck during dinner time, why not? If Wendy wants to grill a succulent chicken at the bus stop and sell pieces of meat to guys like me, why not? That’s freedom for ya.

I digress once more.

Would go on but wish to devour some squid.

Tips hat,

P.S: They have monkey butlers but they are rude and unorganized, hardly worth it. Mine kept complaining about how hot his tuxedo was in the mid day heat. Told him to get me a bottle of water from the store. He came back with tonic water so I had no choice but to fire him.

P.P.S: I think I’m the only tourist in the world who doesn’t have a tattoo.

Enter to win a free Eurail pass, or not, whatever.

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