Today we’re going to discuss a brief stop aka a night in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Long story short, I spent a long time in Galway and an invitation for a gala in Singapore appeared in my inbox. If I wanted to make it to Edinburgh I had to start moving immediately. Also, if I was going to Edinburgh in next few days why not motor through and make it for Thanksgiving which was being prepared by a in Old Town? As it happens, I would only have one night in but one night is better than nothing, yes?


I arrived at about 5:30pm and it was cold and damp. The coldest I’ve been since arriving on the Emerald Isles to be exact. My bus never came as it kept passing since the driver deemed it full. Everyone I met at the bus stop was more than accommodating and friendly. I decided to walk so I strolled through the streets filled with history while the cold winds chilled my bones and the wine I’ve been carrying since Dublin but that’s another story. I met a gent named Sam who helped carry the wine and filled me in a bit on the history and current state of affairs.


Everyone told me Belfast was grim and decidedly different than Dublin and for the most part, they were right. I wouldn’t call it grim but it definitely had less of a happy go lucky vibe that was evident in Dublin. There are lots of things to do when you get there, the most popular probably being the but alas, I had no time. Also, just throwing it out there, I rarely go on tours which show you parts of a painful past; I’m in to the pleasant present and everything associated with it.


I checked into where I was staying, met some interesting cats from around the world and had an early night. The next morning I went for a stroll back to the bus station while snapping more shots. I will note that Sam informed me there are still scares but as a random tourist you should have nothing to worry about. That said, while approaching the bus station I saw an unmarked car pull up to the sidewalk across the street from me and three police officers dressed in heavy gear jump out and search the bags of some shady looking lads…


I’m glad I went through Belfast but I have no desire to really go back. As I pulled out of town on a motor coach heading towards a ferry to Scotland I got a good glimpse of the city and it’s just a strange sight as more than one building looked burnt out and never repaired. Also lots of graffiti and just a vibe that left me with more of an inclination to leave than stay put ,if you know what I mean…


You’ll never know unless you go and now I’m writing this from old town, Edinburgh on a grey old Thanksgiving Sunday…

Tips hat,

P.S: If taking the ferry from anywhere in Ireland to Scotland, probably want ; hat tip to “Dr. Day” for the info.

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