A Happy Easter in Berlin, Germany

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Good day,

I’m writing this from Krakow, Poland after taking an eight hour bus here this morning. I’d of loved to have written this from Berlin but I went to bed really late with a stiff smile after what was one of my most fun Easters… ever. It’s a family event aka with the ones you love but if you can’t be with them; why not love the time you have with the ones you’re with, yes? I met up with a distinguished friend of mine from university and her bf and went on an informal tour of good times in Berlin, Germany.


I was in Potsdam when I arose and did my thing / said goodbye to my pal Caspar before catching a train into Berlin aka the belly of the good times beast. From there I met up with my friend and we went to Antipodes for breakfast; what a spot. I even ran into a new / old friend┬ásince I met her again from Berlin aka a good spot. The breakfast was delicious and the owners from New Zealand make some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. I loathe coffee as it makes me feel uncomfortable in my skin but still couldn’t help having two.


After that we went for a cruise aka walked around and drank some random beverages. Took the afternoon off and had some sushi at Kuchi for dinner. My friend took me there in 2010 and it’s becoming a ritual of sorts. Kuchi makes delicious sushi and if you’re a lover of good times and top shelf sushi; I suggest you pencil it in to wherever it is you write your things to do in the future list. From there we headed to Walthers for some solid electronic flows with fine pours. Had a few beers and called it a night.


I’m a huge fan of Berlin and can’t wait to return; may even rent an apartment there this summer to partake in the countless festivals. I could go on but I’m in my apartment in Old Town, Krakow and all I can think of is Krakow. It’s been four years or so since I’ve been here and my whole body came alive the minute I rolled in; had the time of my life here last time. In closing, every time I go back to Berlin it keeps getting better and better; looking forward to the next installment.

















As always, wish I could be with family but this was the best substitute possible.

Big thanks to my Berlin crew for the egregious Easter; hospitality MUCH appreciated.

Tips hat,

Author: iyashinoshigoto

5 thoughts on “A Happy Easter in Berlin, Germany

  1. Berlin seems to be emerging as a real hot sport. Everyone who has been there loves it. This is a great post that makes me want to go there soon.

  2. Sounds like you had a different, yet a sweet Easter in Berlin. ­čÖé The city looks pretty just like any city in Europe.

  3. Once again great photos, feel like one gets a real insight to the cities and places you visit. Places that one has only heard about become real and interesting.

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