A Little Bit of Hello from Hong Kong

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hong kong downtown


Just saying “Hello from Hong Kong” as I’m not here long, what a shame. Having passed out at EXACTLY 4:20 last night and waking up like someone had smashed a 2×4 into my face I have made an executive decision. The ONLY rational thing to do is NOT get a hotel tonight but go to the airport and play on wifi until my flight at 10:55am the next day. If I get a hotel room, I will not make my flight, I’m nocturnal and frankly 11am is a very uncivilized hour for a flight, I much prefer doing all travel at night. If I’m going to pass out, I’ll just write the flight number on a piece of paper that I’ll leave on my chest, sounds fool proof.

Hong Kong is sick in a you gotta have mad bank to like this place. The roads are filled with taxi cabs and s class benz’s, nothing else. Oh the occasional Porsche. I’m writing this in some Starbucks underneath the J.P Morgan investment center, those buggers.

hong kong downtown mrt subway

I got an email from that girl who I ran into purse shopping to meet up at central station. Neither of us had the foresight to pick a location, this thing is massive, such is life. Getting to Hong Kong from Shenzhen is as easy as sleep walking, seriously. You just go through customs and they have this x-ray machine for your baggage, everyone just walks by so I did as well. You sign a few forms smile for the camera and whammo, blammo you better hope you packed mad ammo because EVERYTHING jumps in price drastically. They also have the most deserted line in the history of customs “goods declaration” I think I saw a massive spider web as it has never been used. After that you just jump on the MRT or subway or whatever you wanna call it. It only cost like ~$5US aka the price of this Starbucks coffee.

I always thought Hong Kong was like some far away island, the “ditch” as I like to call it between China and Hong Kong is so small but it has this massive barb-wire fence. I have never gotten any tattoo’s or identification marks so one day I could become a spy, even if I was a ninja or if you were a ninja, there is no way getting over that fence, NONE, NONE! That said, my forehead scar is kinda like a body mod so I guess I’ll never be a field agent for some spy association so secretive you don’t know about it and nor do I.

hong kong big asian city

I like Hong Kong and like I said this place is AFFLUENT. It’s weird, you go into Shenzhen into that mall and can buy whatever, here they have EVERY fashion designer. I did a walk through and I noticed that some of the shoes really aren’t that much different. In that “behind the boxes shop” I found that the lady from Aus pointed me to… Anyways I looked at many of the shoes and went into a few of the legit places here, same exact thing, I’m serious only one of them was ~$35 and these are ~$800. This is the end of my discussion on this stuff but it’s just so messed up that you can take a 1 hour train and a $40 visa to Shenzhen, China and get pretty much same stuff for ~5% of the cost, insanity. Then again if you own a hedge fund and your lambo is back from the detailing shop, like you give a $#$!

What’s messed up is Hong Kong is like a tax haven for business ya, and this place is filthy rich. Yet these other countries call them “all bad and stuff” yet keep their citizens under communist / socialistic like programs that suck the entrepreneur out of people. The reality is this, give people incentives and they’ll produce, penalize people who want to get a head and you got my idea of your typical type of lady working at one of those government offices… Really skinny top and bottom with a middle that is just frumpy like humpty gawd [email protected] dumpty for chr~st sakes only no way she’s falling off that chair.

Hong Kong downtown traffic

Where was I? I have no clue but I like it here and wish I didn’t book so fast to Amsterdam, that said once I’m in Amsterdam I’ll probably be like, I love it here. Oh ya, if you’re going to ‘SHIP STUFF” from China, might as well do it here, it was a hassle and they wanted like ~$10 for every 500G while in Hong Kong ~4KG cost ~$20US, do the math, yes?

I have no clue when I’ll update again and guess what, I wanted to Russia and I am, I realize now why my flight was so cheap… It will take 17 hours to get there, I fly to Moscow for whatever reason which is 10 hours then hang out for 4 hours “practicing my Russian frown” and then fly to Amsterdam which is a few hours.

I’m done here.

Tips hat,

P.S: Today’s Random Search Result “life is boring without cigarettes”

P.P.S: Besides Bangkok, Amsterdam is one of those places I just feel the need to “experience”.

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