While I write this, a video blog aka vlog that I made from the train trip from Ottawa to is uploading to Youtube, stay tuned for that tomorrow. I’ve been in Quebec City for less than 5 hours and already I’m having a great time. This place has a special vibe to it and so it should it’s the “Old Town” of Canada aka the first real organized city in Canada and I’ll have you know, the only fortified city in North America. Let us discuss a night out in downtown Quebec City at a special restaurant called …

I met a most distinguished gentleman named Richard from the Quebec City Tourism Board in the lobby of the hotel I’m staying at and we went for a leisurely jaunt through the city before ending at Savini Restaurant which is supposedly a hot spot in town and after having dinner and drinks there, I know why. The place has an incredible vibe to it and attracts a really interesting and attractive cast of characters. It has a sweet lounge on the outside and the inside has this big bar with tables around it. It almost feels like a night club – fine dining fusion of sorts, talk about right up my alley…

We decided to head to the top floor as it seemed like the thing to do and gave myself and Richard a chance to talk about what was going to transpire over the next few days. The menu had lots of Italian dishes and of course some red meat and seafood specials, no doubt. I opted for the smoked salmon to start followed by a most delicious braised lamb shank that literally fell off the bone. Also, I’d like to add that the plate my meal was served on was HOT, this made my day as it’s something my father has stressed forever, what good is making a masterpiece that loses it’s flair and temperature by the time you slowly sink your fork into it? Suffice to say the meal was memorable and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

I went through Montreal on the way here and had this idea in my head as I wandered around a small part of the city. The moment I arrived in Quebec City and even the train here confirmed my primal instincts… If I’m ever going to make a home for myself in this fine country called Canada, it will be in Quebec. Let’s forget the fact that I’m a Quebecer by birth (Montreal), just this whole province feels like I’m in a different part of the world and it’s most pleasant. I’ll be mulling about in Montreal on the way back, more on that later…

Quebec  truly is a distinct society and as a Canadian, I’m glad I can just drive into “La Belle Province” without needing to go through customs. The vibe here is just different, it’s like Europe meets Canada meets France and the ladies here are so incredibly beautiful and confident that I even had visions of myself settling down one day, gasp! The only other place on the planet that I’ve even mentioned this is in Krakow, Poland. Do what you will with the information as I’m a mere messenger and it’s your life.

I’d go on but I’m in the room pictured above relaxing while drinking a large bottle of Acqua Panna straight from the bottle. I’m staying at the Delta and I really like this room, it’s one of those rooms that as I walked in I thought to myself “Yep, another room I could live in,” and by live in, I mean have my golf clubs in the corner and that type of thing. You know that whole nesting instinct which apparently I have very little of.

In closing, it feels so amazing to be back on the road, I’m back in my element and that’s all that needs to be said.

Big thanks to for their hospitality and Richard for the great dinner conversation.

Tips hat,

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