Hello iyashinoshigoto,

Today is going to be a bit different than usual as I have made a vlog for you! Definitely not as cool as the latest one Rob produced, but it’s a start.

Things have been pretty boring here for me in Sweden the past few weeks as I have been working tirelessly on my Master thesis. Not very conducive to “good times”, so I have to try and make all the routine things I usually do somehow more interesting. For this particular episode I decided to bring my camera along (iPhone, actually) to the grocery store and do a little tour to show you some Swedish essentials.

After living in a different country for two years it is easy to start taking for granted some of the stuff you are able to buy that simply isn’t available in a lot of other places.

So here is my tribute to some of the most popular Swedish food products…and ABBA.  Hope you like it!

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