Aberdeen Glen Golf & Exploring Prince George, BC


What a day today was, it was sunny and it started with a game of golf, what’s not to like? We had a 9am tee off at and the course was in spectacular shape. The greens were like the felt on a pool table and the fairways were well manicured. Apart from that, it was a challenging course but not a hard course. You had to swing it slow and watch it go, try and get aggressive and guess what!?! You’re in trouble…

We played 9 holes and it was filled with laughs and views people often long for from a golf course. The rentals they have are Ping G20’s aka the real deal aka the types of clubs you get as a rental and immediately begin grinning. I played really well by leaving the driver in the bag and using my 5 wood basically everywhere. Even went on a par streak of 3 holes in a row, indeed. That said, there are still plenty of beloved ProV1’s floating around for those in the area, love those balls but I digress.

Afterward we made our way to Wasabi Sushi and they delivered and in a hurry. The place was lightening fast and the sushi was solid. We eat a lot, maybe even too much but what else is new? Moderation has never been my strong point but I digress… From there we rolled to the and the region. The goal is to preserve and interpret the history of the railway, forestry and the other industries and culture that grew from it. Right when I went in I saw some trains and immediately my eyes opened wide…

As a kid, half our basement was this monster train set my dad bought for me and I just loved it, the photo above is of an old school snowplow used for the tracks. It was built in 1902 and kept in activity until the 1950’s, I’d love to see that thing in action and reminds me of the Mad Max movies. Besides that it had all sorts of random novelty train cars and even a turn table aka old school track switching device. It’s a pleasant place and if you’re into trains at all, go for it. It also has exhibits on the forestry industry which did and still does play a large role in the area.

From there we made the 1 hour trek to the , what a place!! The trees are MASSIVE, absolutely MASSIVE and some are as old as 2000 years. The fact it’s often covered in snow helps ensure forest fires don’t mess with the area. Lots of monsters have been hit by lightening but luckily the forest is so damp that it never spreads. You really feel small and ant like next to them…

I’m not just talking physically but we’re just here for a split second on this planet, you really have to make the most of it and do what you love, if not what’s the point? Those trees will probably be there another few thousand years as some distinguished residents have helped protect them. Glad I went but straight up, wear long clothes and bring lots of bug spray, it’s intense up there.

Now I’m in my room at the pictured below. They’ve done a ridiculous amount of renovation and the new rooms look great. The first thing I thought when I got in the room was “wow, this place is class” followed by “If this was a studio apartment, I’d like to live in it”. We’re off for some dinner and drinks tonight but I want to give credit where credit is due… Prince George has a progressive tourism board that cares. When you walk in their visitor centre they have all these fishing rods and bikes you can borrow, FREE. They get it, it’s refreshing as I’ve been a lot of places and seen A LOT of styles…

I’m here with the Explore BC Project, to learn more visit the  and look up .

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P.S: Fish-eye is the gopro, naturally I scratched the the new lens as the casing is too cumbersome for the pocket, whoops.


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