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This video from the ancient kingdom of Ayutthaya, Thailand aka Siam was made yesterday. It was very interesting, glad I went there, on a whim of course. The bus was hot and bumpy but I have no schedule and no one waiting at my destinations, what’s the rush? After sweating like a sumo wrestler in a sauna wearing sweat pants with a garbage bag over top doing jumping jacks I decided it was time to leave. Not that Ayutthaya wasn’t interesting, just I had been there, done that.

Go to guest house and inquire about the vip bus, as I did, I felt like a sell out. I don’t need to meet another crew of packaged tourists, I need more authentic travelers, people who have the spirit of an adventurer, getting a place in your mind then going and riding in a foreign country the same way you would back home, from the train or bus station.

The owner told me a bus leaves in 25 min so I hustle to get to the station and buy a ticket, it’s Sukhothai, 6 hours from Ayutthaya and ~6 hours from Chiang Mai, perfect. I arrive late at night and take a tuk tuk driver to a guest house. Nice place, 300 baht for a bungalow although I only spent a total of 6 hours in it, sleeping of course. The ticket was ~255 baht.

I went into the only bar I could find and saw a guy who looked like that creep “dungeon dad”, least I could say was that this place was odd. I also notice 2 nice looking dutch girls. Without a moments hesitation, I walk up to them and say “May I join you”, they quipped “absolutely”. We laughed and hung out until…

ayutthaya ancient kingdom siam thailand

These 2 German guys who looked like weirdos showed up shook my hand and asked if they could join “sure” I said reluctantly… After some meaningless chit chat, oh who goes to a bar on Friday night and drinks ovaltine? Wt!?

Wake up next morning and leave with women on a tuk tuk ride of Sukhothai, I’ll upload some photos tomorrow. The guy said 5 hours, we were done in 2. Got to bus station and it was leaving in 20 minutes, awesome. The ticket was 218 baht, nice bus with air con. Ladies had never been on a local bus before, that changed.

On the bus I met a nice lady from France who joined our now 4 some, indeed. Got to Chiang Mai and they had already pre booked (shakes head) I found a nice place for 250baht with free wifi and private bath w/ hot shower, score. The girl from France found one for 160, I was intrigued, turned out a dorm room, snore.

ayutthaya ancient kingdom siam aka tai thailand

I pride myself in never sleeping in a dorm or using a squat toilet, both things make me want to vomit on my fictitious tuxedo or on Sundays a leisure suit. Not only are dorms grimy but who wants to sleep with strangers in that manner? For a mere ~$3us a night more, I’ll gladly sleep alone, in a double bed thank you.

So as fate would have it, I’m in Chiang Mai, first impressions? Quite nice thanks. Sukhothai was nice for a day, it’s seriously dead much like the civilization that was once there. During the day it is quite busy though as it is a UNESCO World Heritage spot. If you stay in the new city, you will need to rent a tuk tuk 500 baht for them to show you around or a motorbike, it’s a good 15K from the ruins and it costs ~100 baht to get in.

Just went for a leisurely jaunt while uploading this video. It is 1:30am and wow, it’s actually cold out like ~10 degrees or so. Not sure if I want to go any north, if I need a sweater, it’s simply too cold, I’d much rather sweat it out, seriously. I have no qualms with heat and humidity, NONE.

Tips hat,

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