Good evening,

The time is late and my train tomorrow is early, just the way I like it. Being home for the last 3 weeks has been amusing but a bit dull, much like the weather here. In fact,  tonight it is cold and could be considered sweater weather or a straight up jacket racket, ridiculous. Being home is always different because it’s like getting back on a train you jumped off nearly 3 years ago only your most certainly no longer in the same carriage, to say the least. In fact you’re not even on the same train!

On the topic of trains, thrilled to be taking one tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’m on my way to Quebec City to start a 6 week trip that ends in Costa Rica. In between we’ll be visiting Montreal, Anchorage, Vancouver, Victoria and Israel, yes Israel… There will also be time for a wedding which rest assured, is most certainly not mine. I’m quite excited about this whole affair and on the 10th of October, I have a flight from Costa Rica back to Vancouver. I have no idea if I’ll be on that flight but should I wish to travel to Asia; it makes sense, yes?

The next leg of this journey begins, I’m writing at this hour because it feels weird like this every time you leave home. I’m mentioning this not for my benefit but for yours. Whenever you’re going to do something that is a 180 from the status quo like following your dreams into a foggy future, it feels weird. Also remember the longer you’ve been living in a very structured society, the sicker you’ll feel as you speed down a side street into the unknown. What’s cool about the unknown is it’s where your dreams can develop…

Tips hat,

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