Good day,

Pardon the absence yesterday, ever have those days where you wake up totally drained and uninspired as though you’re some deeply depressed deadbeat sleeping on a bare mattress on the lower east side of Manhattan waiting for the next garbage run to reload the dumpster at your favorite McDonald’s? Yes, that’s how I’ve felt aka the low after the high which I wrote about more thoroughly from Istanbul about a year ago. What goes up always goes down but life is too short to ride the median, I assure you.

Now that a mild bout of delayed depression is out of the way, time to get back to business and make the most of being back home, yes? To say I’ve been sleeping face down and fully clothed on a barren mattress would be a lie although I’m most certainly not above it, anyone who says they are is probably lying anyways, right? I’ve been golfing and fishing as that’s what I do when I’m in Ottawa and supposedly I missed the craziest heat wave this place has ever seen, shakes fist! I love a good heat wave, FYI.

The truth is that when you work for yourself, you have no boss, no holidays, no office, no real demands as you’re the boss and you can veto what you wish. You also need to make a living though or you are just on borrowed time like space shuttle bound to fall somewhere in the Atlantic, you’re either going up to explore the galaxy or falling ever faster into your watery grave. There is a reason this lifestyle isn’t for everyone, it’s called security which is something most covet but others could care less about.

I’ve also realized how I have done basically nothing for my online businesses over the last month and am now commissioning jobs like an overzealous Zimbabwean in the face of astronomical inflation. Basically if you have cash laying around while your online properties need new roofs, you’re messing up and we’ll leave it at that. Naturally we all dream of having cash flow fountains in our front yards and shingles that last for centuries, yes!?

I’ve got some really big travel plans that we’ll discuss closer to the date.

When it’s all said in done, glad to be back home with small trips planned for the next few weeks. I’m going to try my best to live as boring a life as possible with lots of sleep, over-eating and loafing in and around the area where I’m staying.  The real issue here is change, a change of pace if always a good call at times for everybody. That said, I’ll probably be itching to leave in a week but what else is new?

I’d continue but I have some serious work to do.

Tips hat,

P.S: This is an HDR shot from a local course that I played Tuesday.

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