Sitting here in the early a.m with a stupid sized smile. Yesterday was just surreal and if this trip were a stock that had been climbing it went vertical… We left The Stones Hotel in Legian via helicopter courtesy of and toured part of the island on our way to Semara Luxury Villa Resort in Uluwatu, Bali for lunch and a tour of their remarkable resort.

Click here to watch the video I made about the trip


At about noon it was up into and through the penthouse to the helicopter landing pad at which is conveniently situated on the roof and gives a stellar view of their great pool area. A few moments later I heard the chopper coming from off in the distance and then just like that, we were boarding and ready for what could be considered the flight of a lifetime.


We soared over the Bali Sea watching planes land in Denpasar airport not far away and watched crowds of surfers catching waves at the airport break whose exact name eludes me. What an island Bali is… Despite spending three weeks here in 2017, I never really toured it much and even if I had, nothing could have given me the perspective gained from a helicopter ride. Everyone in my ride was really cool and regardless of views, glad to have met them as well.

There are not many photos aka no good ones from the helicopter ride because I decided to make a video of the whole experience. That should be live in the not too distant future aka whenever I have a down day at some point but it’s incredible, I assure you. What was also incredible was the reception we received at the . It’s a high end establishment with numerous villas overlooking the ocean perched on high cliffs. Each villa is unique and below it all is a pristine private beach.


We enjoyed cocktails and light conversation on the cliffs before a delightful lunch buffet poolside. Afterwards it was off to explore more of this picturesque part of the world and venture to their private beach which is known as Finn’s Beach Club. There I saw a true slice of paradise, one of the nicest beaches I’ve seen in awhile and people from all over the world that seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.


After it was all said and done we took a shuttle back to the hotel. There I opted to go for a stroll and purchased a four hand massage from a local establishment, recommended. Later a large group of us met at The Stone’s Kitchen for dinner and drinks. It was a special day to say the least and it exposed me to some of the most memorable views I’ve seen anywhere in my travels.


In closing, I’d like to thank , , & for their incredible hospitality.

Tips hat,

P.S: Susan and Joe – I think you’d love this, good swimming too. ;]

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