Balinese Cremation Ceremony Creature

Ayutthaya Ancient Kingdom of Siam Thailand

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I am not sure what to call this thing… A mascot? A monster? A float? A creature?

While in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia in December 2009, I was walking to a coffee shop to use the wifi. On the way I saw a whole street filled with floats and people playing music. I had no clue what it was. That is when I saw them loading bodies into one of the floats. Quickly realized it was a traditional Balinese cremation ceremony.

I followed them and will one day make a post dedicated strictly to this ceremony. Once they got to the beach, they removed the bodies and did more rituals before burning them on the beach with blow torches. Not sure where or what this “thing” is used for but they had several of them. It looks very meticulously put together so I doubt they will burn it. That said, what do I know?

It was a moving experience, a celebration of sorts with bands, people selling food. Sort of like a celebration of the lives lost. Perhaps it was because it was a mass ceremony. I am not sure but it is one of those events on the trip that stand out as particularly moving.

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