Bangkok Street Dancer

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street dancer in Bangkok Khao San Road


This photo is of my favorite street dancer in Bangkok. He hangs out near Khao San Road and you can see me tipping him in the video walk through we made. Also that night I went in September 2010 and told you about helping my favorite street dancer bank some coin, this is the kid.

He is like a quasi busker who just dances randomly on the street wherever the the beats take his happy feet. He always has a little cup with him near where he is doing his art work. At times you’ll see him grooving by himself, with attractive women or even myself. He’s a fun guy.

Sometimes I think he has a house other times I think he sleeps near Khao San. Then again I have a place near Khao San most of the time and you see me out at all hours so I reckon the same for him. He’s a nice guy despite the fact we’ve never had a conversation, just laughs.


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