Beach Bumming in Bali

Beach Bum Lifestyle in Kuta, Bali

Greetings ladies, gentlemen and vagabonds,

Lived the life of a beach bum today on the beautiful beaches of Kuta, Bali. Woke up, hit the beach. Met these girls from Europe who had been here 4 months and chatted in the ocean.  Shortly after this guy who was their surf  instructor says hi then says he is going fishing. I ask if he’s cool they say yes, so I run to catch up with him.

Catch up and he’s new to fishing but totally hooked (sorry had to say that). Fish for a while in front of the Discovery Shopping Mall then hit back up to the beach. I rent out the nicest surf board I’ve seen in my life from his shop along with top for 30,000Ru for the rest of the afternoon. Met a guy in the water who paid 100,000 for his crappy board and a “boogie board” for his wife for 2 hours. Last board I had was decrepit and it cost me 40,000 and that was about a ~10 minute walk from the beach. The board I rented was brand new and 7.6ft long. I’ll be using it for the next while, if I do well on it I may go shorter.  While fishing, buddy has a tone of fruit, eat it while discussing fishing, life, surfing,  just chilling.

Surf for a few hours and actually manage to  catch some of the bigger waves, what a rush. The ocean has so much power it’s insane. Going to try and do surfing in the morning or evening. Being out in the mid day sun is cancerous and hazardous and ridiculously hot.

Cheap, good meal in Kuta, Bali

That’s it really. I then came in and bought a bottle of water for 3,000Ru($0.30) and went back to the beach for sunset to chill with some new friends. Then had dinner for 6,000Ru($0.6), found out about it yesterday from a guy at my guest house / budget hotel / whatever and it’s right next door, cheapest I’ve seen and tasty.  I’ve also  spent the 45,000($4.50) for a room. That’s 84,000 RU or ~$8.4US for a day of chilling and surfing, a room, food and money to burn.

The dinner was great and I’m tired from a day of chilling, fishing and surfing. This internet will be 10,000Ru for a grand total of 94,000Ru ($9.40) but could be less if I used my laptop to write this then just came in, checked a few sites and upload, yes? I’m glad I waited to go on this trip but so glad I did. Life is what you make of it as long as you don’t get suckered into finding your “self” through crappy consumer items that will keep you from being who you are. Funny how that works, yes?

Living around the world can be as cheap or expensive as you want. In the future I won’t be boring you with my daily expenditures but this is  a great follow up to yesterdays update which got the most traffic this site has ever seen. People want to know how much things cost and who better than I to fill them in!?

I’m off to chill in the heat with strangers I will meet that will soon become friends. That said, need to get to bed early if I want to catch a lift to another beach with slightly bigger waves but still a beach break at ~8am. I will not even consider going near a reef break for a very long time, if ever.  You can get seriously mangled on one of those.

Tips hat, good day.

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