Chilling on the Beach in Nha Trang

big waves in nha trang vietnam on the beach

Hello there,

This will be brief as I have better things to do than blog right now. Well not really but ok ya, sorta. Spent the day lounging with my friend, swimming in massive waves and eating cheap food.

Went on a leisurely jaunt to take photos of the clubs to write a “Nha Trang Nightlife” update but I only got as far as the photos. Asked some lovely ladies for a light and hung out the rest of the afternoon.

cruise ship in nha trang vietnam on the beach

Now, I must shower and meet these said ladies at their hotel for cocktails and gawd knows whatever else follows when you mix crazy people with a penchant for partying and a zest for life.

I could go on forever but I won’t as I need to “get moving” aka “get er done” aka “get down on it” in a most significant style. I hate the shower in this hotel, only drawback. The pressure is non existent and the “hot water” isn’t so hot, horrible!

Anyways, enjoy your day, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.

Tips hat,

P.S: The lobster below was rank, glad I bargained her from $5 to $4us, haha. They have those nice ones on display and give you some scrawny ones, THE NERVE!

lobster on the beach in nha trang vietnam on the beach

P.P.S: Met some local guys on the beach drinking a 24 and had a few, then they gave me some of shellfish they were eating, delicious. They want to meet up and party later, we’ll see if I run into them again, they were cool but I’m take it or leave it. I hate plans, but you already know that, yes?

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