It’s a stormy Monday morning and I’ve just returned from a jog with the sole intent of telling you about a wonderful day that consisted of beach horseback riding here in . It happened on Saturday and truth be told, I wasn’t keen but sorta got dragged into it and ended up having a most splendid time, indeed. Horseback riding on a beach is fun, no matter where you do it and naturally, Costa Rica is no exception…

My friend’s gardener showed up at 1PM with the horses, they looked cool and he rode this wild one with blue eyes, naturally I didn’t dare get too close to it because what do I know about riding a horse except I’ve done it a few times and was never really good at it? We met at the beach and in no time were casually crossing this river without a soul in sight.

That didn’t last long and soon we saw some fishermen who appeared to be having some luck. Not sure if they were using nets or not but they had waded quite far out. At that moment we saw dolphins jumping and not talking one silly jump, I mean a whole pod of the critters jumping like they were in the circus and a meal of fresh and tasty snapper was their reward only this was in the ocean, eat your heart out Sea World…

After enjoying the spectacle thoroughly we trotted on (literally) until we go to Pearla de Osa and the There we tied the horses up and went in for a refreshing beer or so we thought… One beer turned into several and this monster platter of nachos that we needed forklift assistance with when dishing out plates. If that wasn’t enough, my hungry eyes (cue music) also ordered some wings and fries which were delicious but most certainly “too much”, where you leave questioning your plight in life type deal.

The ladies I went with didn’t have the same issues but as a dude who is sorta thin, that saddle was KILLING MY BEHIND. I mean it hurt so bad that on the way home it wasn’t even a pleasure it was like I was some general in a war in 738AD, coming back from a battle and too sore to move and every hoof that hit the ground was a struggle, I made it slowly home and now have this crazy welt of sorts on my tailbone, hooray. That said it was a solid time.

The photos speak for themselves, the two ladies and I went with our guide and everyone had a great time. As I said I was like “$30 to go horseback riding… pass!” but I went and really had fun, I’d go again anywhere basically, just ask how long it is. I’ve found that 97% of adventure activities could use being 33% shorter but whatever; that’s just me.

I’m loving Costa Rica and in a productive renaissance… Pura Vida!

Tips hat,

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