I’ve been in Odessa over a week now and have basically just been living my life. The weather has turned but before that happened, had some amazing days at the beaches. In fact it was 30 degrees and sunny for about a solid week. Weekends were best but the beach was packed daily.

Odessa is a port city along the Black Sea. It’s got countless beaches in and around town, something for everyone. Also the Arcadia district has many lovely resorts. Yours truly has mainly just been hitting up a local beach off the side of the city.

These photos & video were taken last weekend. To be fair, I walked down the beach with my iphone and just hit “snap” whenever I felt the urge. Since it was sunny out, could not see anything past the glare. This SHOULD give you an idea of what it’s like here. I could live here for a summer, easily. Naturally, some photos have been excluded for being too graphic for the likes of “John Q. Internet Public”.

Tips hat,

P.S: Can you see why I’ve been in no rush to leave!? #nobrainer

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