Howdy from Texas,

I’m writing this in a most manic mood like a shopaholic who has let go of all control. Randomly rummaging through items in aisles and filling carts with stuff has been part of my day today. Besides that, I’ve just been lounging here at and doing things that guys like me do aka making new friends, playing on a blazing internet connection, taking a day nap, working out and of course drinking way too much complimentary coffee – what else is new?

So yeah, I’m not actually in , I’m in and today was a wild adventure all over the map. It would have helped if I actually had a map, yes? I wrote down some directions that looked like it was done by a dyslexic doctor and only an astute pharmacist could decode. It didn’t matter as no more than 5 minutes into my ride the crappy note blew out the window and there I was, just driving…

This brings me to my next point; the people around here are insanely friendly. I asked for directions from probably 10-15 people today and everyone was incredibly helpful. From the random parking lot drive by to the rolling your window down at a light or even walking into a local business for directions, everyone stepped up and were very helpful. Is this what they mean by southern hospitality?!

So the shopping started early and I skipped breakfast as usual. What’s cool is that this place has a “grab bag” for breakfast so I grabbed it and grazed on it throughout the day. I picked up enough fishing tackle and equipment to open my own shop, maybe I should!? I bought a slick Penn reel, 4 rods and accessories for days. Listen, if you’re going to buy 1 rod and a carrying case and pay extra duty, why not just fill it up?!  If you like fishing go to Bass Pros, you’ll feel like a kid again.

After that I found myself in a Nike Outlet buying pairs of Air Jordan flip flops for friends and a pair of Air Flights. I bought all 3 units for $100, that’s crazy and if you’re in the area and looking to shop, highly recommend you make it to Grapevine .  I also rolled into Best Buy and bought a new PC impulsively. The one I got in October from Panama was garbagio and slow, considering I make my living online having a slick tool to work with only makes sense.  That said, always hate replacing tools for some reason.

After that I came back to the Hampton and just crashed for a bit before hitting the gym after joshing with some guests in the lounge for a while. Next was dinner and I hit up the Saltgrass Steakhouse for a filet, asparagus and all that jazz. The place was nice but seriously, I think I’m over steak. In the great debate of seafood or steak, I’ll take the former and leave the latter with dreams of lobster and shrimp platters.

Tomorrow I’m leaving the USA and should be back in Nicaragua by late evening. I’ll be spending a night in Managua before leaving for the Corn Islands in the afternoon. Need to take care of some things so this works out perfectly. I’m cool with going home but could easily have spent a few more days here.

Big thanks to for the hamptonality and organizing this trip, had an awesome time.

Tips hat,

P.S: I think “retail therapy” is a myth, I always feel really low / spend-thriftesque (sic) after a big grab.

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