Bluesapphire Golf Club & Resort in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Bluesapphire golf course kanchanaburi thailand


Well, well well, what can I say other than ~30KM outside of Kanchanaburi, Thailand is a real treat. When I say a real treat, I mean it’s sick in a “I want to go back” type way. Currently there are 3 different 9’s, it appears as though more are being built.

The gents from the pub I’ve been spending time at were headed there today. Having spoke with them a few times and expressing my desire to play some Thai golf, they invited me to join. I’m glad they did.

Bluesapphire golf course and resort kanchanaburi thailand

Bluessapphire is a great golf course and green fees are ~800baht weekdays for 18 holes in high season + 200 baht for a caddy. Then if you’re a distinguished gentleman, which I HOPE YOU ARE, you tip your caddy ~200 – 400 baht for her troubles.  Give 200 if she is lousy, 400 if she’s great and 300 if she did her job.  I do believe it costs ~400 baht for a 9 hole.

My caddy was cool, calm and collective, like all good caddies should be. Got some pars and a fist full of bogey’s, rest are unmentionables which isn’t bad for a guy who hasn’t held a club since September and knows he’ll always have to “pay to play”. I got some clubs from one of the guys we were playing with, good guys, good round of golf. My caddy did get me into some trouble though, I hit driver everywhere like a deranged derelict. She knew the greens well though and I sunk some putts based on her advice I’d never have otherwise.

Bluesapphire golf course in beautiful kanchanaburi thailand

Golfing is good fun, even more fun with a good group of character. The course has a wide range of hole types including all sorts of doglegs and great elevation. Luckily for me I played best on the holes that counted and like crap on the others.

Front 9, I was great off the tee and couldn’t close. On the back 9, I began drinking aggressively and became crap off the tee but one h3ll of a closer, odd how that works, yes? I must say, golf is a good laugh but even more so with a cold one in your hand, especially when your caddy holds it for you while you take your swing.

They have mini rest stops every few holes and sell beer & snacks at very reasonable prices. What’s totally ludicrous is that you can buy a seasons pass for 5000 baht, that’s ~$165US… Yes that is right.

Bluesapphire golf course and resort kanchanaburi thailand

What’s also absolutely absurd is that you can rent an apartment or small bungalow in or just outside of Kanchanaburi for ~2-5,000 baht a month… Do the math people, it’s straight up insanity for someone who just wants to forget the deep freeze and work on their swing.

That said, most of the courses are ~20-80km from town so you’d need a ride of some sort. Below is the sign on hole number 12, just another tough hole. We played from the blues.

Tips hat,

Bluesapphire golf resort kanchanaburi thailand

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