Bonjour de Ronce les Bains, France


Hello my friends, how are you? I’m doing splendid. I’ve been passing the last few days eating baguettes filled with a variety of aged cheeses, drinking fine wine and enjoying even better company, you know the family type.  Ronce les Bains, France is quite beautiful, the town is very quiet as the majority of people simply come here for vacations, it’s very relaxing.

The first day was rainy but that was “ok” as we were destroyed. My cousin was tired, I was tired and we just hung out. Yesterday was great fun and even better weather. I’m with my family and extended family, there are ~16 of us or so and we all went for a picnic on the beach. Most took bikes but I went with the grandma and grandpa of the group as well, I’m not to be trusted on bicycles hahaha at least not under their supervision hehehehe.

The beach was great, had it to ourselves and we spent our time their drinking wine, eating cheese, tomato and baguette sandwiches and enjoying life. It’s been so long I was around young teenagers or kids, I had a great time flying kites with them and just mucking about. I can see how having children is important, it keeps you young and active, seriously. When I am settled down, I plan on having a lot of children, mark my words.

In other news, one pair of shorts I made from Hoi An, 2 of the belt loops have broken and a hole in the pocket, I think I lost some money through it, oh well. Glad I did not get them made in bulk there. That said, the final prototype I had made with a few fabric changes are holding up splendid. Also these ones have deep pockets like so deep they almost come out the bottom, shallow pockets are weak, you need deep pockets in life, yes you do.
I’d have so many nice photos that I would love to share but my 2nd camera that I bought in HCMC, Vietnam has well, died. Lens error again. I spent part of the evening tinkering and taking it apart, now it’s totally broken, haha. That said, it got damaged in my bike accident and I believe some sand got in it, I knew it was open and noted it before I left, oh well as the french would say “c’est la vie”. In the accident it cracked, considering  my phone was lost, feel lucky I got another month or so out of this camera. Still not so cool though, yes? Thinking of buying a new one in Andorra, supposedly it’s duty free.

The importance of having an income or a large cushion for these trips is imperative. You will have to spend more than you think, you will have equipment failure and it’s part of the “trip”. A gent I know who was at 13 month had gone through 3, I thought he was nuts, it’s par for the course. Then again there are those who never break anything, never lose anything either. I believe they have boring lives though so they can have that feather in their caps.

Staying here until Saturday or so but who knows. The South of France is very beautiful and the beach is quite nice. The people are friendly and speaking French is a must. I am staying at my families place so I have no clue what accommodations are like but I’m assuming not cheap.

At times, we joke that it is like “the Stand” here. You know that film from Stephen King?  There just isn’t many people here. Most places are closed until peak season. Also everywhere closes from 12-2Pm except this bar I hope. Also most places are totally closed on Mondays. Walked around for 2 hours trying to find wifi, finally I found it in this pub. I am drinking the largest pint I have ever seen and I have no clue how much it costs, but I’m on the internet for a the price of beer, most excellent.

Tips hat,

P.S: This is a double update day. Check this update on train from Paris to St. Malo, France.

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