Breakfast at Chin Mee Chin & Drinks on Haji Lane, Singapore

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I’m sitting here at 1:33am in a very un-ergonomical position on my bed after an egregious night of sorts out on the scene in Singapore. The day all started with breakfast at Chin Mee Chin which is basically an institution before a really hectic day that left me feeling frantic after a tear that was manic with blisters on my swollen feet. Following that I found a sim card for the price of a Stella, connected with my crew and hit streets such as Orchard and even the smaller versions such as Haji Lane.


I met up with a good friend of mine for breakfast at Chin Mee Chin Confectionery which is a really old school breakfast spot in Singapore. I had the traditional soft boiled eggs which were tasty with some thick soya sauce. The hardest part is getting over the consistency. It’s like an ink blot and you’ll see whatever your mind eye sees but as a westerner it’s like eating white runny; it was good I dare day. It also came with soft kaya toast loaded with coconut jam.


Afterwards we made our way to some salon of sorts as my friend was getting her hair done. I had nothing to do and some how ended up getting a scalp detox. Let’s be real, people go on all sorts of detoxes and if you’re in your 30’s and lucky enough to have a full head of hair; why not give your scalp a shot at a better life sometimes? Seriously, I had no idea these treatments existed but the price was right and straight up, I’ll do it again.


Following that it was time to go on a mission of sorts. I have this blazer I had to exchange but I couldn’t make up my mind so I raced to this meeting that never got confirmed all to realize it was never happening. That’s no big deal but what is a big deal is I did such said missions in a pair of dress shoes that aren’t broken in. The shoes still feel new but my feet have been broken into in the form of egregious blisters, whoops.


Following that I met up with a friend and headed to the “Golden Mile” which is basically this big Thai Mall that one could call “Little Thailand”. It had everything from my favourite dishes to Thai beer and even some resident Lady Boys to make you feel like you’re really there, for real. It’s also the spot you’ll end up if you’re taking a bus to Singapore from say Kuala Lumpur or Penang. I eat too much and it made my stomach turn, oh the memories of Thailand…


Not long after that whole fiasco was done it was time to hit the scene with some friends. We ventured to Haji Lane which I had the pleasure of exploring in 2010. Solid place for all ages including those coming to Singapore with kids. From what I gather not much has changed but this time I hit it at night. We went to Bar Stories where they serve custom made cocktails and nothing else. You tell them if you want sweet, sour etc… Then, they make it all from scratch. It’s a brilliant place that I highly recommend and check out the custom frozen dry ice daiquiri from scratch.

I had no idea what to get so said give me some new school beats with old school kicks and it involved scotch & fresh ginger.

After that we rolled to ICE COLD BEER which is on / near Orchard Road. Supposedly you can’t take photos of the bar or so said a lady working there. I managed to squeeze one in for you but it’s horrible so check below for some lone woman walking on Orchard Street. It was cool and we had a few drinks. Wow, drinking is expensive here. When you’re paying $16 for a pint of Stella, you best enjoy it; yes? It reminded me about how I have to write a post about the world’s playgrounds and how to best play in them.


Tomorrow I’ve got some meetings and dinner arrangements. Apart from that it’s business as usual and time to say farewell to this apartment and take a trip somewhere with beautiful beaches. Again, I still don’t have my ticket so I could be wearing a Technicolor dream coat with space goggles thinking of a trip while in reality I’m having my identity stolen as we speak?

Singapore is growing on me and I think this will be a hub of mine. I mean, why not?

Finally, getting a sim card is so easy and incredibly cheap aka the price of a Stella.

Tips hat,

P.S: Big thanks to the lady who paid my bus fair and showed me the way to the MRT.

P.P.S: Top photo is from Little India and really has no reason to be there except I snapped it while hunting for a sim.

Author: iyashinoshigoto

4 thoughts on “Breakfast at Chin Mee Chin & Drinks on Haji Lane, Singapore

  1. mmm Soya sauce and eggs.?? sounds disgusting !! But I have seen you eat way worst ! Nice colorful pictures.. keep up the nice string of post it sure is nice to be reading your blog once again.

  2. I’m from Singapore and its great to know that you’re enjoying your time in the city! Its so compact you can pretty much get to anywhere on public transport. Though drinks are definitely a killer on your wallet with its prices here!

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