Budapest Baths are Brilliant

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What’s cracking? Ever been to those bath houses in Budapest? Let me tell you, sometimes a Budapest bath is all you need to feel alive. Ok, not sure what I just wrote but the bath houses are a great time. At first I was like, eh, is this some kinda Roman Bath houses that people joke about? Definitely not.

The cost was 3100kr or I dunno ~12E or something. That pass gets you in for the whole day. They have a multitude of sauna’s, steam rooms, hot tubs, pools, fitness equipment, massages and probably whatever else your into. They also serve drinks and food. You can bring your own in though and I recommend you do. The coke I was going to buy but my cash was in the locker was egregiously overpriced, so much so that I didn’t bother going to my locker to get it.

Did see lots of people pulling out lunches, beers, bottles of vokda and everything great like that. If you are traveling with a girl, or ladies if you’re traveling with a dude, it’s a must. I had a swell time but if I was there with a lady friend it would have been awesome. The weather wasn’t the best, when I left it got even sunnier. The day was one of those where the sun was coming in and out of the clouds. I can only imagine what it would be like on a super hot, sunny day filled with interesting people from around the world.

My favorites were the hottest steam room, hottest sauna and the ice baths. Typically I don’t like saunas unless it’s at someones house so you can do what you want in them… That said, they had one that was sooooo hot you could barely sit on the benches without a towel, I enjoyed that, indeed I did.

hero square budapest

Apart from that checked out Hero Square or something, it’s a 6 lane roundabout. My uncle got seriously injured at that roundabout like 20 years ago and always tells the story. I jay-walked through to vindicated his injury.

Last night it turned out was alright, I didn’t go out, feel better today. FYI if I ever talk about being sick it means I’m sicker then you’ve ever been. If you just go to work, party once a month and blah ya you get a cold, you call in sick, snore. If I say I’m sick I’m talking your body is revolting against you and basically screaming “bl00dy h3ll fire” or something of that nature. Tempted to leave but I feel that if I left Budapest without at least 1 bender of a party night, I would regret it, forever. Life is too short for regrets.

Enjoy the photos and I highly recommend the bath houses, just get a crew and bring supplies on a hot day and lounge all day. I stayed a few hours and then bounced. The massages are reasonably priced but I can’t pay for a massage in Europe after paying ~$5-10US for an hour of bliss in Asia, just can’t do it.

Sometimes I wonder why I am even traveling the world anymore. Part of me says I should just get an apartment here and call it game over… Budapest, Krakow, Prague are all top notch in my book. Budapest may be near the top of that pile though…

I also saw some castle and took photos, I really like castles, fyi.

Tips hat to all those gentlemen who enjoy a good top hat,

P.S: Walked by the “Terror Museum” and they had some photos of gents who were threats to the Commies aka the `screw you guys this is our turf` kinda lads. These guys were tortured and killed. Ever wonder what you’d do if suddenly your crib got taken over by people you wouldn’t stop at a red light for if they were crossing?

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It’s Friday, go get egregious with no regrets.

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