Bus from Granada to Leon via Managua


Write this from my new office in Leon, Nicaragua and if you missed the photo, . For those of you who are coming via search engines in the future, welcome and here is the info you seek… The bus from Granada to Leon via Managua will cost you $C 20 from Granada to Managua and it takes about an hour or so. From there you’ll catch a mini-bus shuttle of sorts that takes about 1.5 hours for C$ 40. Considering 22.7623 C$ is roughly $1USD the trip will cost you $3USD and take about 2.5 hours if all goes according to plan.

It was an easy breezy transfer and remember that Nicaragua is pretty much tiny so getting around this country is easy. Seems like most routes go through Managua which is the capital. Today was a textbook lucky travel day where you ask a lady where the bus is and then see it coming so you flag it. Not only does the bus stop but you get a choice seat and it doesn’t break down. Then, the minute you hit the station you get out of one and are the second person on the next bus and it leaves 5 minutes later.

You arrive at your destination and immediately are overwhelmed at the intensity of the whole thing. Sorry there are no photos but I don’t pullout a phone like mine when carrying everything I own. It was literally a human zoo if you can stretch your mind and open the doors of perception just enough to let the vibrant blast that awaits into your psyche. Multicolored clown cars drive around next to chicken buses that have tributes to Jesus on them and everything in between including guys lugging carts around because there is that much sur manual labor.

In keeping with the “lucky travel day” we flag a cab and least I could say was that this cab was rare but decided… Enough Fresh Prince references and back to the story, this guy picked us up who was probably early 30’s and he had music way harder than below, immediately I knew he was the right guy. Also he charged us C$ 40 for a 10 minute ride to our destination which is great IMO.

Leon is interesting so far, there is this non-profit organization that arranges hikes into active volcanoes and my friend has been in touch with them. I’m not one to pay money to go on a long walk as I’ve done enough of that, especially in Africa and I never did tell you about the time outside Pangani I showed up with “Mr. B” to find a lost hunter in a pair of flip flops but that is for another day.

It’s late and the point of this post has been conveyed.

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