Bus from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng

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It’s 7:45 am, I have managed to wake up in time to leave.

I don’t really want to leave, whenever I go back into my room, I just want to pass out or enjoy it. The room reminds me of a room back home, it’s really nice. Hardwood everywhere, great mattresses, fun people around. I’m off to catch a bus from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng.

At night the dogs here can be creeps, this m angy mutt started stepping to me last night, I took out my 2L water bottle and swung for the fences, a true warning shot. The dog went back then started stalking me with a friend, it came closer and I almost connected with it’s face. This is a dog that looks like it’s left leg got ran over and was always fighting other dogs. I figure it’s a sign to leave, look what happened last time in Bangkok.

On that topic, having a fixed date that you have to leave makes travel so less enjoyable. I mean, I should be in Bangkok for final shot, I don’t want to go, the whole trip is getting screwed. Here I am on a leisurely jaunt through Laos then could of gone to Cambodia. Now I”m upposed to be this ridiculous distance in the wrong direcction for a date.

I realize how lucky myself and others are on “no time frame trips”. Time frames put salt in your game so to speak. It feels like my trip ends on the 15th. Will I ever make it back to Laos? Who knows, it’s a shame as this place is great and the visa is the priciest around especially for Canadians.

Oh well, who knows what will come from a trip to Bangkok *I have a few ideas*. The bus to Vien Veng from Luang Prabang is ~4-5 hours and leaves at ~9AM for 110,000Kip or ~$15. I never bothered looking into local transport, I’ve just been relaxing here. Come to think of it, that sounds pricey.
Side note, beware of tom’s whisky. This stuff will turn your stomach from a mean guard dog to a small puppy and you”ll be hurting, trust me.

Tips hat,

Author: iyashinoshigoto

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