Castle St Jorge or George and Pick Pockets in Lisbon aka Lisboa, Portugal

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St Jorge's Castle in Lisbon, Portugal aka Lisboa

Greetings ladies, gentlemen and dogs trained at reading quality blogs,

Today’s update involves lots of aimless wandering (best kind), eating of random foods, visiting the Castle  St Jorge or George or however you who spell it and ultimately an untimely encounter with some pick pocketing scum bags.

city view of Lisboa aka  Lisbon, Portugal

Yesterday was dope, woke up and eat egregious quantities of cereal, strolled through the park and watched some world cup at this tent with these African dudes before going on a leisurely jaunt, Castle de St. Jorge was cool. Not the best castle Iºve seen but whatever. Itºs 7E for an adult 3.50E for students. If you look not so vanilla, say you’re a student they ask for card and pull out some change and say I donºt even have my wallet, boom, youºre in. Enjoyed a tasty smoke chilling with this girl I met from Holland on the steps over looking the city, it was scenic and serene, thanks St. Jorge! Good view of the Cristo Rei Statue as well, basically this massive monument with an angel on top, snore.

Lisbon Bar View of Ocean, Portugal, Lisboa

Afterwards went on a long stroll and threw my shoes in the freezer, seriously. Man shouldn’t of bought leather high tops for mid summer heat, fail. Anyways get into a pair of flip flops and go for a walk, a really really really long walk. Hit up an Irish Pub for a ªSunday Dinnerª. Had this awesome chicken breast stuffed with ham, mozzy and asparagus. The bar was packed, saw these dudes asked if I could join them (not in a homofied way) and they were sitting next to this lovely local lady… Turns out they were Canadians, Quebecers, cool guys.

wild boar steak, Lisbon, Portugal

After this took an alternate route home and got seriously lost. Also I never wear flip flops, I hate them and they were starting to cut my feet. I always wear them one day, butcher my feet and then donºt wear them for months. Iºm lost. Meet these Brazilians and they give me a ride to a metro, cool, back home. Run into these American girls and as weºre leaving to watch the game after drinking some beers on the roof top run into the gent from Porto, hahah small world. Heºs from Paris, loves everything about Paris except the people, indeud. This guy is a character. He has cash flow but hitch hikes with a big electric keyboard. He said he waited for 3 hours and this lady shows up…

Cristo Rei statue, Lisbon, Portugal

She says, NO ONE IS PICKING YOU UP so here is a ticket to Lisboa and she even dropped him off at the train station, indeud. We went for a meal, I eat a wild boar steak while over looking the ocean or river or whatever it is, it was awesome but I was insanely full so it was also a fail. On Sundays I eat like a Saudi Sultan, on Saturdays party like a prisoner fresh on parole or a pick pocket on pills who just scored a purse or a teenage partier puking at his friends parents house (your choice) the rest of the week, whatever… That said, next Sunday dinner will be for dinner, it was a mission to devour that wild boar steak when it should of been a treat. House specialty was duck but my feathered friend from Porto would not approve.

castel st Jorge, Lisboa, Portugal

We walk back, then go for beers. We are DOWNTOWN remember shady neighborhood during the day are different creatures then at night… People who live in them know the score, we did too but ignored it. Weºre on this dark alley going for brews with one in our hand when these 2 guys come out of nowhere yelling FOOTBALL ohhh comparing shorts touching us everywhere(they touch to feel what you have / how deep in your pockets it is), immediately knew what was up… Pick Pockets!

view castle st Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal

So these guys were like the moped prostitute pick pockets from Nha Trang, the old swarm and touch. So we walked with hour hands next to our pockets until 2 of them had their arms around me touching my jacket saying itºs World Cup whatever. Constantly touching trying to get your attention so the other can grab your stuff. Since Brazil won I was like you from Brazil, whatever, at this point I told them to go ªget lost, ever so subtly with body languageª and just like that they leave to go ªp!ss on a wallª boom they are gone.  My jacket pocket was opened. If one was really in the bag or alone… Never seen something so brazen, another ªlife experienceª that will probably serve me, sometime, somewhere. Itºs RARELY who you think and that is part of the con.

castle St Jorge courtyard, Lisbon, Portugal

Anyways if either of us were alone, game over. These guys looked like football fans. Also on those sardines aka metal street cars just as bad they get close and boom, they are gone. They love it as they can jump out at anytime aka once they have your stuff. If someone is in your personal space, donºt allow it, donºt get aggressive as aggression causes more aggression but donºt let them and remember what I said yesterday… Not all nice people are and not all shadesters are shady…

water fountain with a view in Lisbon, Portugal

Glad it happened, we both laughed kinda like WTF afterwards and another experience. Pick pockets can be some dude drinking at a bar or some little kid, seldom that guy who looks near death begging. Ironically, I get an email from my dad sent earlier warning me of them, haha heºs been here. My dadºs been like everywhere, he knows the score. There are many sights to see but I donºt care, Iºm all about memories and mot much else. When your trip in this world is done, only thing you can bring with you, yes.

small lanes and streets, Lisbon, Portugal

Anyways Lisboa is full of hills, itºs insane but very cool none the less and there is no rhyme or reason to the streets. It is not a grid and one street may have no other streets for hundreds of meters as it twists and turns through the city. Iºm here today one more night or catching a train south today, who knows, I like it like that… I recommend you visit here, really nice people and good times. Then again this whole world is one big good time like a massive firecracker just waiting to be lit up like the 1st of July or whatever your national Holiday is, indeed.

view of Castle de St George Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal

water fountain in Lisbon, Portugal

cute dalmatian puppy, Lisbon, Portugal

steep streets in  Lisbon, Portugal

I’m outta here and got a life to $>#$ live.

Tips hat,

P.S on the way home from the walk, I hit up a grocery store and bought tones of meat and cheese. I will never buy ANYTHING again. I just eat it on the spot and frankly, making food is vanilla when you can just buy what you want, when you want. Now I have all this crap that I am going to give away, or something. Also if you eat half a block of cheese, you may get nightmares, I had the weirdest dream ever. Remember, nightmares at 7 are different then say 27 but it still affects whatever FREAKS YOU OUT!

chicken mozzarella, ham  Lisbon, Portugal

P.P.S Beware of gypsies, they are nomadic no goods.

beautiful fountain  Lisbon, Portugal

P.P.P.S: I love castles and fountains for some reason. Whenever I’m in a castle I often wonder who or what I’d be if I was around. I’m thinking a king, courtier or a court jester. All I know is I’d want a spot in the castle and no farm work, thanks.

Derelict Building Du Jour:

derelict building in  Lisbon, Portugal

Search Du Jour!?!?: “terrorist” hahahahaha, for real, recognize me?

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