Catamaran Cruise in Negril, Jamaica


Today was pretty cool and it involved waking up early and driving to Negril, Jamaica. We headed to the Sandals Resort after a pleasurable drive down the coast to jump on board an . For some reason I never really did these types of things on my trip, after today it made me realize the err in my ways…

We drove to Negril and it’s about an hour or so from Montego Bay. Once arriving we changed, met up with some Spa Bloggers and whoever else randomly had booked the cruise. Before we begin, the crew of the cruise were super chill and that really added to it. It’s the people, people. Always have been and always will be but I digress so back to the topic at hand, yes?

You cruise for a bit and then go snorkeling for about 30 minutes. The reefs were nice and saw this massive school of bright neon yellow fish, then as the current took over ended up above all these corals about a foot or so deep. Below was a plethora of little marine organisms with names that elude me. Also, should add that the water was crystal clear, warm and turquoise.

After that the cruise continues for a bit, lunch is served, music is playing and good times are in the air. We pull up to this rock formation near Rick’s Bar which is along the coast. If you wish you can explore this cave which was once used as a bar, it was a cool concept and can imagine what may have transpired in the past.

Afterwards we head to Rick’s and see some cliff diving, these guys are talented and glad we didn’t get off to do it ourselves because I’m totally over anything extreme but hate feeling like a wimp. Being on the ocean on a beautiful day is just bliss and afterward the crew takes you to Margarita-ville and you can play on the trampolines and whatnot. There was this big connector to both trampolines and a group of us tried to cross it countless times which all ended up more like out takes from an episode of Total Wipeout.

The cruise lasted about 3 hours or so and you can drink as much as you want and eat as much as you want. Since we were going on an ATV adventure of sorts afterwards, stuck to the basics aka ginger ale, the gentleman’s drink of choice. If you were on vacation and had a crew of people with little else to do afterwards, could be an out of this world experience.

This was one of the more pleasurable things I’ve done in a long time. At anytime, the totally random dealer at the casino of life could dish you any cards. One of those hands that when you’re playing it out, you just enjoy every moment and the concept of “time” aka the past and future simply melt away and all that is left is the now.

We also went on an ATV Adventure which was cool and will be discussed at length another day, next week before I head off again. Really liked it but will note that if you do go, make sure you go with people of your skill level… The guides are pros but if you go as a large group you move at the pace of the slowest person, get where I’m going? Anyway, more on this later.

It’s Friday and tonight we’re going to dinner at Pier 1, then to some bar for a true Jamaican experience. Not sure how long I’ll last afterward. One loves a good throw down but when the wake up is at 8am and you’re going zip-lining, one must prioritize and there is ALWAYS something cool going on at the Resort. I’m not into karaoke per say but last night it was going off.

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9 thoughts on “Catamaran Cruise in Negril, Jamaica

    1. @James Shannon It was, felt like a little kid who can’t jump. Also crossing the “walk way” was near impossible. Would say impossible but we all know nothing is…

    2. @James Shannon It was, felt like a little kid who can’t jump. Also crossing the “walk way” was near impossible, especially once wet.

  1. Oh, I really hate this post..urg..just as the cold weather hits us. The pics are awesome. Looks like you had a great time at any rate..I am so jealous.

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