The above photo was taken last night on the east aka beach side of Little Corn Island. For starters, nobody and I mean NOBODY catches marlin around here, let alone with their bare hands. Do you realize that these people literally pulled a giant marlin named “Merlin the Marlin”(not to be confused with “Merlin the Muskie“) out of the Caribbean Sea?  It took several grown men and a lady who cared about nothing more than a big fat steak to get that thing out…

It was evening and tourist were casually sipping fine wine while telling tales that people often do about days in paradise. Someone noticed that this fish was flapping around and the curiosity of the collective masses was cued. Some thought it was a hammerhead shark, others a tiger shark (huh?) and some thought it was Elvis wrestling a tuna, turns out it was none of the above…

Upon further inspection they realized that the giant fish was in fact a marlin, yes a marlin. They are incredibly rare here and a fisherman told me they never bite. The fish had a giant gash on its head which leads me to believe that a boat propeller must have hit it. Other popular theories are that it ran into a rock – really!? Also seriously doubting the health of the fish, typically a healthy fish like that won’t be floating near the top…

Suffice to say the one lady in the group who had seafood steaks on the brain was first to grab the giant fish, next thing you know a whole crew was in there so it couldn’t get back to sea. The thing was clearly injured as healthy fish of that size just don’t show up beached like such.

Oh yeah, I wasn’t there but this is what I gathered from numerous sources and this story deserves sharing.

Thanks to for the photo aka “”. While we’re thanking him, might as well say thanks for the fresh Jack sushi this morning, .

Yours truly,

“Lobster Man”

P.S: I love this island and plan on making it one of my final 4-5 “flags” on this planet.

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