This is a video of yours truly pulling in a decent sized Chinook Salmon from the Kitimat River BC. This fish took about a minute to get in, the one I lost was a 15 minute battle before he won. The Chinook fights like no other fish I’ve ever had on the line. The photo from my last fishing update was a Chum and it fought 1/5th as hard as a Chinook.

Straight up, if you go nuts and catch a few fish, expect to use a weeks worth of energy. Why do I tell you this? I do so because the next day you’ll feel totally sapped of energy and wonder what’s going on with your life. Fear not as  it’s merely the low after the intense high of hooking one of these beasts and having the fight of your life surrounded by surreal scenery.

I have very few concrete plans in life, one of them is to fish the Kitimat River again and catch “the one that got away”…

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