Today was the last of my travel Ottawa like a tourist experience. It’s opened my eyes that if I’m bored I should just roll downtown and forget that I’m from Ottawa and immerse myself. In case you’re wondering – yes this is applicable to you and everyone and anyone living anywhere in the world. Being a tourist in your hometown is a good time and it’s a different experience. All that aside, went on a walking food tour with today…

Woke up and had a large “I have no control at the buffet” breakfast. The tour started at 10:30am and in no time we were at Stubbe Chocolates. I’m not a chocolate guy, it’s not the expensive delectable of my choice but the selection was vast and taste was delicious. The gent running it is German and takes his craft seriously, chocolates from around the world.

Afterward made our way to The Grand Pizzeria & Bar, they seriously had one of the best meatballs I’ve ever had in my life. Someone in our group wasn’t keeping up the pace so I stepped in and eat another, delicious. Seriously one of the best meatballs I’ve had anywhere and the place made it to my “I’ll go there again” list. The building also has an interesting history to research, if one were so inclined.

Headed to the only stall in the market that exclusively sells local maple syrup. I’ve been laying on the old Aunt Jemima syrup from the fridge quite heavily of late. A shot of the local stuff made me see the light, so to speak. It’s the maple syrup place I’ve taken a photo of, recommended. In the same area made it to a memorable and delicious cranberry stand called . I’m a cranberry fan and the product was sound. That aside, the guy selling it made it one of those places you’d come back even just to give a tip of the hat and buy a single serving of juice.

Afterwards we ventured to several other places and above all else, the tour gave me an idea of what was happening in the local kitchens. Also opened my eyes to the use of local produce and the promotion of it. Several of the produce vendors have green signs which means that 100% of their product is home grown, that’s the type of stuff I’m into. Below is a lady who has been doing this for 50+ years, she was there with her grand-daughter who was 6th generation. Get this, the lady I took a photo of yesterday as someone I’d buy from was actually someone we visited today, nice surprise.

Finally we learned a little more about the history and current events in the Byward market as well as visited the Murray Street Restaurant. I really liked this place because it was a tip to tail type kitchen. Depending on the day it’s a different cut as they use the entire animal. Furthermore whatever is fresh locally is the ingredients they have so if you came several times a week, could have a different main each day. Apart from that, just somewhere that I liked instantly upon walking in. Their patio in the back seems like a well kept secret

If you’re a foodie it’s worth looking into. I’ve been in Ottawa most of my life and the majority of the places we visited were completely off my radar. Should I go downtown with a party or a date, my selection is now between places I never knew existed until today. Furthermore, should I wish to cook something special myself, know all the spots to acquire required items.

Back home, something very random may have just occurred for next week.

Tips hat,

P.S: Also have to mention Continental Delicatessen, it’s Polish and awesome.

P.P.S: Truffle anything is delicious.

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