Chiang Mai Night Bazaar Market

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So yesterday didn’t get up too that much, found these fancy massage chairs and died in one until the lady shook me saying “Sir, are you done?” Ok, that didn’t happen quite as described but basically. Walked out a different way and ran into well the video below. Didn’t have my camera so I went home to get it.

What I love about Asia is that there are always Night Markets and Bazaars of some sort or another, Chiang Mai is no different. They had so much food there and all sorts of hippy attire. Maybe I should find a hippy lady so we can go look at stuff I could resell to Canada at a heft markup, indeed.

Anyways I ended up grabbing a whole slew of sushi and the lady even threw some in free. Then grabbed an omelet with pork in it, 12 skewers of chicken, some other random skewers and probably some other stuff. The stuff was insanely cheap. The sushi is 5baht a piece and the chicken? 12 skewers for 30 baht, huh?

Last night, ended up staying awake until 6am when I had plans on an early night. Drinking a coke while my coffee was cooling down at 9pm probably played a roll. Another part was that there was a movie marathon of goodness and I reminded myself that I have no phone, no job, no worries so who cares?

I did end up buying some units of TLT on the stock market. It’s bonds, fyi. Looks like they are getting beat in pre-market. Luckily pre-market often means crap or so I am hoping. If we keep going higher, which we probably will, not sure what to think but just can’t allocate cash long when all of September they have been surging higher… Can’t do it, won’t.

Re-activated my account on Odesk. I have a job that I want done involving Java script. Found lots of guys willing to do it at $10-$16 an hour from all over Asia and Eastern Europe… I am however tempted for this job and this job alone to pay a higher premium price for a web firm in the US or western Europe simply because its my flagship site. If you have a new one, just go for it…

Think of it like this, if you’re building something, you hire a contractor. You often try and get a good deal, indeed. Now, if you need a plumber to redo your entire apartment building while it’s occupied with good paying tenants, you have to go for someone there will be no doubts with, even if it costs more, yes?

I have a good thought for an update, for you young “dot com hipsters”. Living over here can make you very lazy because you can afford whatever you want basically. If you opt to retire here, that is one thing. However if you are just here temporarily DO NOT LET IT KILL YOUR AMBITION. Do remember where you are from and what kind of lifestyle you demand from this world when you return home. Not saying you will go home but if you lost the option after 5-10 years… May just disappoint you.

Also finished that weight loss program / book. Would release today but figure early next week will be better. It’s 3000 words on how I lost 40lbs in 4 months when I decided that if I wanted to “sell my house” aka myself to a beautiful woman, I’d need to do some serious house cleaning as my house was a mess and didn’t “present as well as it should”. Does that make sense to you? Good.

It’s Friday night and I’m sweating profusely. Need to stop drinking super hot coffee’s in a super hot climate. That said, this “day is just getting going”. If your “bed time” whatever that means is 4-6am, 8-9pm is basically like mid afternoon, indeed.

I have some work to do like looking at the stock market in disbelief and taking a shower. Supposedly there is an expat bar a 10 min walk from here where all the teachers hang out. If I’m “living here” might as well try and connect with others who are instead of just hit up the “backpacker bars”. That said, may end up there, may end up not going out…. Who cares? The market was there again, just stocked up huge with the regular stuff AND MORE. Love it here.

I think I know why I was having a bit of hard time adjusting here, culture shock / drastic lifestyle change shock. I’ve had it 3-4 times on this trip, more on that later if I ever remember, if not, as always, whatever.

Have a sick weekend,

P.S: Next week look for a true iyashinoshigoto walk-through down Khao San Road. My friend and I were hanging out when we decided to do it. I take you down the full strip talking to all the interesting personalities you can imagine. Part 2 which will be released later is down the next street over and an indepth chat with Tuk Tuk drivers about their services and making music with the frog ladies.

P.P.S: Floored at the lack of entries for the 1st class global Eurail pass… If you’re in the comp and want it, remember I put a min entry because if it doesn’t reach it, I’m just flying to Greece next summer, for real. That said, I’d like to give it away and go visit home.

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