Chilling at an Amsterdam Squat

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friends squat in Amsterdam


This photo is from a squat in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It wasn’t far from the Red Light District and it was the proud “property” of one dude that I met in my travels. Went there with him and another friend we met. This place had free wifi from next door and it was massive. This was just one room.

Was one of the biggest “apartments” I’ve ever visited. He said he paid 150 euro a month for it. Not sure if that makes it an anti-squat then, whatever. It was a pretty cool place and made me want to get my head checked for paying a hotel / hostel while there. If one were so inclined you could live incredibly cheap in Amsterdam and have more room than a King…

Granted no furniture but there was electricity.

Tips hat,

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Author: iyashinoshigoto

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