Chilling & Thinking in Los Angeles, California

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Write this from the club floor at the Wilshire Grand Hotel in downtown Los Angeles while eating a $3.50 sub. What a weird world we live in, especially mine when you come visit this blog. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to inspiring keynote speakers and meet interesting people hours after riding through the ghetto on a metro once more…

The ride into town wasn’t so tough, the blue metro line in LA is kinda shady but remember, 90% of places on this planet are no problem in the day time. A lot of people are grinding to get by and you can see the suffering, if you listen. Just the conversations overheard on the metro were the biggest indicator… Being at Blog World is always a good time and always makes you think, making me think about my core business and what this blog is really all about?

Enough getting deep, for now. There is a game on tonight, assuming it is the LA Kings and people are crowding around the staples center. This hotel is like 6 blocks from the conference center so it’s a good hub for the next few days. If you’re in LA, make sure it’s very close, you have a car or you’re cabbing. Not really a walk the streets at night type place, yes?

I got really lucky today because my friends roommate dropped me off at the metro, had I taken a bus, not sure how it would have worked out but then again that’s life, no need to worry about what could have been and better to accept what was and focus on what could be, yes?

My mind is blank as though my brain has moved to my stomach and I currently have a ham and cheese sub calling the shots. Looking forward to catching up with some people, meeting others and just being surrounded by the energy of all things bloggeresque.

Excited to be here and looking forward to the rest of the weekend. That said, part of me still wishes I was in Huntington Beach. The last update can’t do it justice but I really had an awesome time there and will be logged as a most memorable part of this trip through life. It’s really nice seeing old friends who have stayed just as chill and meeting cool new people. What sucks is you always have to leave; it’s the life of a perpetual traveler…

Tips hat,

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