Come Alive In Musical Malta This Summer

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One of the things that you look forward to as the summer travel season approaches is the proliferation of musical festivals that crop up throughout the European continent every year.  From listening to soft jazz wafting through the moonlit air, to rowdy rock concerts where the sonic waves of electric guitar chords pass right through your body, vibrating all of your cells as they pass, you live for these events, and you favour travel destinations that deliver these festivals in an easy and accessible way.

While your partner is looking lustily towards the lukewarm shores of Mediterranean this summer, you have just come up with the perfect solution that that will ensure that you both get what you want.  After a bit of research, your Malta holiday ideas will encompass some highly regarded music festivals that you uncovered during that evening of exploration.

What are these festivals that will have strumming the air guitar all holiday? Sit back as we share these events of awesomeness with your friends and the internet, as you come alive in musical Malta this summer…

1) Isle Of MTV

Kicking off the summer only a few mere days is the globally renowned Isle of MTV concert.  Set up as a free event located in Il Fosos Square, all ages can attend (alcohol sales are limited via bracelets), and those that do will be here to listen to the R&B, pop, and dance stylings of Afrojack, Jessie J, Rita Ora, and Rudimental.  If hearing the latest club hits makes you bust dance moves spontaneously, this event is for you.

2) Malta Jazz Festival

If the improvisatory nature of jazz makes you come alive like no other genre out there, then you’ll want to plan your trip to Malta in mid to late July, as the Malta Jazz Festival is on during this time. Having attracted Grammy award winning artists like the Robert Glasper Experiment in the past, the caliber of artists that play here are no small deal, and Ta’ Liesse, the breathtaking location that overlooks where the acts take place, makes this festival a bucket list event for lovers of quality music.

3) Farsons Beer Festival   

Organized by the brewers of Malta’s most famous beer brands, the Farsons Beer Festival take great pride in showing off the best rock music that this island has to offer.  Running for ten days from July 27 to August 5 this year, entrance to this event, like the MTV concert, is also free, but it also comes with a very wide selection of Maltese and international beers (which do cost money by the way). This makes this festival a great way to chill with friends and enjoy local rock music after an action-packed day spent crawling over the numerous historical landmarks that Malta has in abundance.

Let the music in Malta move you

Given that Malta is seemingly a rocky outpost in the Mediterranean, its musical prowess comes by something as a surprise to many people.  Those that cannot live without it in their lives will derive much enjoyment from a holiday spent here.  

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