Copacabana, Bolivia is Beyond Chilled Out


I’m writing this in a somewhat comatose state because is that chilled out. There isn’t much to do here really and most people come for a day or so and check out the Isla del Sol while en route to Cusco, Peru or the other way to La Paz, Bolivia; this place is also basically a border town where others head off to Puna which is en route to Cusco.


Why am I here and why didn’t I go to the ? Supposedly the Isla del Sol is where the Incas believed the sun was born and it has some cool ruins. The catch is that it takes two hours each way on a small rickety boat and I’m not into islands unless they are tropical really. That said, was still keen to go because I’m a tourist and that’s what tourists do right?


I was running to the boat because I felt I had to go when I saw this nice lady drinking fruit juices and started chatting. She was talking about an alkaline diet and grounding herself and I realized I am running around like an electrical plug missing it’s ground aka off to see stuff that doesn’t really matter / appeal to me.


I decided to take a day to rest and perhaps go the next day but that never happened. These gents I met the day before who I could relate to went and said “yes, some beautiful views but wow, what a long boat ride and not much going on at all, it was cool but…” That was all I needed and if you ask me, this little unique town is something in itself.


The town has everything I want to be happy except perhaps it’s a bit cold but that is to be expected at 3800M above sea level, yes? It has affordable lodging and I’ve found rooms from $2-$12 that are satisfactory; I spent one night in a $3 room then switched to a $12 room and now I’m back in the $3 room as I figured for $3 why not just buy the room and hang out until my 6PM bus to Cusco, Peru?!


They have a central market with everything from the freshest to the most rotten of fruits. Behind that is a local eatery with fresh fried trouts, beef soup and an assortment of other delicious dishes. The streets are lined with people selling freshly squeezed fruit juices and at night countless vendors offer random dishes at beyond reasonable prices.


I’ve been resting, relaxing and eating far too much but I do believe it’s what the doctor would have ordered for me had I gone to visit one. I even tried grilled cow heart and enjoyed it so much that I hit it up twice and might have another before catching the bus tonight. If I didn’t have definite plans I’d easily stay here another few days and visit Puno as well.


Turns out I’m leaving Lima, Peru on the 17th instead of the 20th and Cusco is an 11 hour night bus away. From Cusco to Lima, Peru it is a 22 hour bus which I just found out this morning making me happy I’m leaving now. If all goes well I’ll arrive in Lima on the 15th so I can relax a day or so before the 24 odd our trip to Australia.


If you’re in Bolivia and transferring to Peru or vice versa, do check out Copacabana and spend a night or so, walk the streets, drink the juice, sit at the stalls and just relax as there isn’t that much more to do here. Also, avoid the ceviche as fresh water ceviche is known for being dicey and met a gent in La Paz with a parasite that is probably from it, seriously.













Tips hat,

P.S The Basilica of Our Lady of Copacabana is here too, quite cool and draws a different crowd.

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  1. Ah, Copacabana. I spent 3 days there violently ill from eating guinea pig. Restaurant was fairly reputable, I guess sometimes you get unlucky. From what I remember, it was a funky little town, but I spent most of my time in the bathroom…

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