Cottage stir fry Finland

Good day,

While in Finland myself and my friends hit up two cottages. I will note that they all basically have wood stoves and the grill is on top, haven’t seen this in Canada. Maybe I have but I definitely do not remember. This was a great meal.

Ever eaten EVERYTHING AND MORE? I mean going down to the cold room taking everything and just eating like fiends. That was us in Finland, then we went shopping and bought enough to feed a family for 3 weeks but it was just 3 gents for 2 days. Obviously we didn’t finish it all.

To make matters more intense, we then put that whole stir fry into a make-shift calzone that one of my buddies made from some flour we found. We were hungry ok, I’ll leave it at that. Either way, the meal was delicious.

Tip of the hat to my Finnish friends.

Finland felt like a Euro Canada with a language I couldn’t grasp.


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