I’m writing this from a smoke filled common room in Cusco, Peru. I had found a really nice hotel at a decent rate which was a bit more than I usually pay but well worth it. I was happy there but these South Korean girls I met tipped me off to this other spot which was 33% of the price and seemed to have 67%+ of the the amenities I needed so figured why not just switch?

I switched today and it was a big mistake. I throw my bags down and hit the road as I had things to do like book a tour to Machu Picchu which I’m taking tomorrow at the unholy hour of 4am for $210US. I’m taking the train which is what costs the most and saves you from a 7 hour bus and 3-5 hour hike to the base camp where the train drops you off.

I digress.

So I do my thing and get back to the hotel, I can’t get in to my room. Turns out the key won’t turn and this gent comes and spends 30 minutes jimmying the door. This is awesome as tomorrow is the day I get up early and have no sleep. Usually I don’t care when I have all the time in the world but come the 17th I’m on a 24+ transit to Australia so a little rest goes a long way.

He finally gets it open and I notice this private room is the only place in the building with no internet. So I’m sitting there with no lock on the door and no internet which is basically my worst nightmare as I need internet like a diabetic needs insulin and I’m a paranoia when it comes to safety; you have to be or you’ll be someone who has stuff stolen if you stay out here long enough.

All that said, Cusco is a gem of a town. I haven’t heard one person say anything bad about it and I understand why. This is a cosmopolitan city with old world charm. It’s also fantastically cheap and has something for everyone from run down guest-houses aka “hostals” to high end hotels fit for a king. It’s also got dining options for days and for every budget.

This is the type of town I’d like to spend a bit of time each year. Ideally I’ll spend a few months each year on a tropical island like Little Corn, a big city like Buenos Aires, some mountains like here and some other type of spot I haven’t thought of yet.

The moral to the story is that hotels are like parties, you don’t leave a good one to go to another as the outcome is usually not what you’re looking for. I’m wasting time sitting here inhaling second hand smoke when I could be resting up in comfort.

You live and you learn, yes? Next stop, Machu Picchu.

Tips hat,

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