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I’ve been doing work all day, noting exciting to report. That said some old taxi driver taught me some (insert martial art I can’t pronounce) last night when I left the bar. The bar sucked but it was Saturday so I checked it out. Anyways, after 1 beer left.

Thinking what to do with all the travel footage. This blog is the story of a gent traveling the world, as it happens. It’s not the story of some dude doing work in Chiang Mai, Thailand. As a result we are launching the “Daily Photo Story”. Other sites do daily photo or weekly photo. Why not do daily photos with stories?

It’s not landmarks and such, some are though. It’s basically just random photos I have and a short story behind them. Some stories will obviously be shorter than others but than again, I am verbose. Who knows?

The photos will be set to come online daily at 9PM EST.

Regular updates will be published as they come.

Once traveling again, the daily “updates” will resume along with this new addition.

It’s Ryder Cup weekend, I’m off to an Irish Pub to watch the event.

It’s being held at the Celtic Manor, fyi. My dad grew up near there, went there with my family and now passed grandfather. It was a really memorable experience so this Ryder Cup means even more to me. I even remember what I eat, frog legs.

Stay tuned for the daily photo stories and more videos.

A friend is coming to BKK on the 12th then Indo, may join him, who knows.

Tips hat,

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