A Date With Fate & Comfort Kills Dreams



I’m writing this from my parent’s house in my hometown of Ottawa, Canada which is a spot I left for good in 2009 and nothing has changed since. It’s so odd coming home again and again and realizing that nothing stands still… People change, you change, circumstances change, everything changes… I’d love to stay longer as I’m quite comfortable and by longer I mean a few more days but this pesky thing called Christmas is quickly coming and flights get frantic…

The cost rises and riding standby becomes near impossible. I’m flying to Miami tomorrow morning and if all goes well, I’ll be hanging with my Nicaraguan crew that night. If it doesn’t, I’m stuck in Miami for a bit which could be worse besides egregious hotel costs but such is life for the man that lives on the road. I may have no car payments, insurance or gas bills but I sure do have lots of “whatever you wanna call them” which come with traveling the world.

I’m very much looking forward to returning to the Corn Islands. Seems that each time I go there I like them even more which is odd as the honeymoon phase of my stay there is long over, long over. That said, who knows how I’ll feel, right? If all goes well it’s time to really plant some roots in the form of firm concrete foundations on my small plot and perhaps even finish the cottage off. I’m quite looking forward to it and frankly it scares me a bit but when you’re a little unsure you know you’re doing something cool.

Comfort kills dreams.

So I’m going to sign off now(ish) as I have a million and one little things to think about. You know what, if you’re going to do a big trip and it seems daunting don’t fret! The hardest part of any trip or any big project is the first few steps. Packing for a trip is very hard when you’re at home but when you’re on the road you have so little in comparison that it’s just filling your bag and catching the next flight, train or bus… Really, nothing to fuss about and before you blink you’re in your next destination.

That said, I love travel for the sake of travel. I love the random airport encounters and temporary acquaintances that you share transit moments with. Who knows what will happen? That’s powerful stuff in a life that most people live which is basically scripted. You are young and full of dreams but you get comfortable and forget who you are and become a job. I’m Adam the accountant or Bill the bartender or even Steve the stockbroker… Travel is just amazing and I can’t imagine doing anything else so I’ll end this now(ish).

Tomorrow it’s GO TIME and iyashinoshigoto is gearing up for another adventure. I’ve got a bag filled with all sorts of cool stuff like Penn trolling reels, external hard disks, a new computer and some other cool “toys” which are essential to what iyashinoshigoto has become. Things may be a bit quiet around here at times these days and that’s because I’m going deep into video so do and be sure to subscribe.

Little Corn isn’t for everyone, but it’s the closest I’ve found to paradise.

Tomorrow, I’ve got another date with lady fate…

Tips hat,

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