Dental Clinic – Chiang Mai, Thailand

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cheap dental clinic thailand

Good day,

Took another trip to the deviously delightful dentists today in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Many hate the dentist, I love the dentist and can’t refuse a cheap dental clinic anywhere I go. This is the second time I’ve had my teeth cleaned in Chiang Mai and third time in Thailand. Many services offered including dental implants, laser teeth whitening and of course bridge work.

Have had my teeth cleaned in Panama, Vietnam, China, Poland and Thailand. I must say they all do excellent jobs and most certainly am a fan of cheap dental. This cost me 500baht ~$17us. They did a great job and my teeth are basically like new. Do not be scared of foreign dentists, they do a good job for the most part and have very sterile environments.

cheap dental clinic thailand

I’ve seen it has high as 750b here in Chiang Mai so decided to go back to the place I hit up last time I was here. Great job as usual. I wanted more polish so I came back 5 minutes later and right back in the chair, no hassle, no problem. They also use more sophisticated tools than back home.

Best job I’ve had in my life was in Poland and cost 25E, fyi. Back home? $147-175US

Considering this was ~50% the price of Poland, I’d opt here over Poland if given choice.

Still no cavities, need some floss, the gent held up a string of dental floss like it was from an alien space ship and asked if I had ever used it before. Life is too short to join some depressing jazz band and call yourself “Bleeding Gums Murphy”.

Tips hat,

P.S: Walked home, took lots of photos, Chiang Mai is a very chilled out place.

Random Search: “Is Dengue Fever in Chiang Mai?” – Yes! – Search.

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