Dinner and Drinks at Tejas on South Padre Island, Texas


Today we’re going to discuss what transpired last night and that was dinner and drinks at , Texas in the Gulf of Mexico. Earlier in the day, myself and a friend made the mistake of hitting up Wing Barn and it was uninspired pieces of poultry drenched in equally uninspired sauces, no thank you.

My friends are from this area and know the score. They said if you want some good wings or just a few great micro-brewed beers, Tejas South Padre Island has you covered. We strolled in and it wasn’t that packed but a lively group no less considering it was 8pm on a Tuesday evening. We sat at the bar and in no time we were sampling the different brews they make there. After sampling a few I decided that the IPA was the way to go and it didn’t let me down, nor did the subsequent ones that followed.

The next big decision was what to eat. The food here in Texas has been delicious so far and it’s all over the top. Everything is big with taste clearly the priority when plates are being put together in the minds of the chefs that designed them. The menu had all sorts of regular suspects like ribs, wings, pulled pork sandwiches, pork chops and the list goes on. While skimming the menu I noticed something that I couldn’t ignore and it was “The Perfect Pork Chop”.

I wasn’t under the illusion that the perfect pork chop actually exists but I was ready to give it a shot. Also, if you have a dish and call it “the perfect x”, chances are you’re proud of it, yes? The chop aside, this thing was loaded with green beans, mashed potatoes and a side of gravy. When it came I realized they had chicken fried it and if there is such a thing as “the perfect pork chop” it could very well be what I devoured last night. I’ve never eaten chicken fried pork before but I highly recommend it; look what chicken fried did to rice, now imagine pork…

After a few more beverages we rolled to Tequila Sunset for a night cap. If you’re on and looking for some good food, fair prices and even better beers, consider giving Tejas Brew Pub and Smokehouse a shot. Also, if you’ve got a group look into the nachos as they were one of the largest platters I’ve seen. I say bring a group though as you’ll most certainly need some backup to take that plate down, it’ s a serious looking endeavor.

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